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    The Odom Corporation Protects Itself and its Partners with Mimecast


    • Brand Exploit Protect, Awareness Training and Archiving


    • Threat actors were targeting both The Odom Corporation and their smaller suppliers by spoofing domains and attempting to redirect payments


    • Early detection of domain spoofing
    • Ability to shut down malicious activities and alert partners
    • Awareness training enhances cyber culture within the organization
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    Leonie Markgraf, VP of Information Technology at The Odom Corporation, knows cybersecurity is mission-critical. “I’ve been in the IT space for 25 years now. I’ve witnessed everything from the advancement of targeted threats and phishing, to the blended cybersecurity threats we’re witnessing today,” says Markgraf.

    That’s why she and her team work with Mimecast to protect Odom — and its loyal network of distributors — against modern day attacks.

    Customer Vision 

    Odom is a family-owned wholesale distributor of craft beer, wine and other premium beverages, with 2000 employees, across the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and Hawaii. While Odom has been a Mimecast partner for several years, many of its beverage suppliers don’t have the ability to do the same. “These are often small, family-owned businesses that don’t have the financial— or even the human — resources to run sophisticated security technology,” says Markgraf.

    This lack of security acumen can result in devastating consequences for Odom’s partners who are not using Mimecast’s solutions. One of them recently fell victim to a business email compromise attack. “It’s a heartbreaking story. Malicious actors were able to spoof our partner’s domain and two other supplier domains,” says Markgraf. “They successfully solicited payments from the company and then attempted to redirect another payment that was meant to go to Odom.”

    Fortunately, the redirection of the payment to Odom failed. But the damage had already been done. The partner lost money from the two successful attacks — a difficult blow in the middle of a pandemic when their revenues had already declined from bar and restaurant closures.

    Customer Strategy 

    Unlike its smaller partner companies, Markgraf knew that Odom had the means to purchase technology like Mimecast. That’s why she added Brand Exploit Protect to the existing suite of Mimecast products. “We have the ability to leverage technology through Mimecast’s Brand Exploit Protect, and then, we can actively alert our partners about what bad actors are trying to do with their domains,” she says. “Mimecast’s cybersecurity protection is a huge win for us at Odom and also for our suppliers whose beverages we take to market for people to enjoy.”

    Customer Outcome 

    With Mimecast working around the clock, The Odom Corporation has become a protector of its supplier ecosystem. Doing this helps everyone — because if suppliers are healthy, Odom’s business can thrive. “Mimecast detects when attackers are registering domains and masquerading as Odom,” says Markgraf. “When that happens, we can shut down those activities on behalf of Odom, and also alert our partners and make sure they don’t fall prey.”

    The Odom team also uses Mimecast’s training and awareness program to overcome what Markgraf calls the “snooze” factor. “Our employees connect with the training content because it’s fun,” she says. “These capabilities are all part of our comprehensive email security plan, built on Mimecast.

    “Mimecast’s cybersecurity protection is a huge win for us at Odom and also for our suppliers whose beverages we are getting out to market for people to enjoy.”

    Leonie Markgraf - VP of Technology, The Odom Corporation

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