Municipalities Meet Compliance and Continuity Expectations with Mimecast

Mimecast, in partnership with ITNA, has changed the face of municipal communications in Limpopo and Mpumalanga


Founded over two decades ago, ITNA is one of South Africa’s most established and highly regarded IT solutions providers.

With a reputation for innovation and client service, this Johannesburg based organization caters primarily to the public sector at a municipal level and to a host of SME and enterprise clients.

The public sector is a unique in that strict governance and compliance requirements punctuate almost every level of daily activity. In order to properly account to both taxpayers and senior authorities, even the smallest and most remote municipalities must implement highly capable IT systems and controls.


Working closely with both the Gert Sibande Municipality, based in the province of Mpumulanga and seated in the city of Ermelo, and the Ephraim Mogale Municipality, based in the province of Limpopo, ITNA had identified an internal requirement relating to mail archiving and continuity.

Although the organisation had already implemented a comprehensive compliance system in each local municipality, the need for a reliable and compatible electronic messaging environment had grown increasingly pressing.


Following a discussion with each municipality’s internal stakeholders, ITNA made a key decision to seamlessly move both Gert Sibande and Ephraim Mogale over to Mimecast’s Unified Email Messaging Enterprise platform.

Mimecast Unified Email Management offers a cohesive approach to email management through the integration of continuity, archiving and security solutions into a cloud based service which is managed via a central, web based administration console.

“Significantly, Mimecast Unified Email Management incorporates an integrated ingestion engine and unlimited messaging archive that collaborated well with the Microsoft Exchange platforms that had already been implemented in each municipality”.

Furthermore, Mimecast Unified Email Management security offers customers access to aDiscovery tools, allowing for compliance to municipal expectations.

In August 2012 ITNA began work on ingesting each municipality’s on premise email storage into Mimecast’s 10 year cloud archive. This amounted to over 160GB of data.

Simultaneously, the company switched employees in each municipality over to the Mimecast service without any interruption in communications. By working closely with Microsoft Exchange ITNA was able to achieve this without informing each staff member at a granular level. They simply switched on and employees went about their work.

During this process over 300 accounts were ingested and transferred to Mimecast’s Unified Email Management platform.


Mimecast’s impact within the Gert Sibande District and Ephraim Mogale local municipalities has been significant, adds Rudi de Bruyn – Director at ITNA.

“From a compliance perspective Mimecast has made it easier for each municipality to store and access internal messaging without the risk of losing or improperly archived data. This service is reliable and operates in the background without an affect on daily activity. It has certainly improved Gert Sibande and Ephraim Mogale’s compliance from an email perspective”.

The continuity offered by Mimecast’s Unified Email Management platform has also been a substantial advantage, comments de Bruyn.

“Ensuring one hundred percent communications uptime is challenging for any government agency or municipality. Although we had implemented several internal continuity and disaster recovery measures the districts had experienced intermittent email outages from time to time. We have now eliminated this concern by introducing Mimecast to their technology stack”.

Casting a view toward the future, ITNA plans to apply Mimecast’s Unified Email Messaging service to several related municipal entities.

The Gert Sibande and Ephraim Mogale Municipalities
Sector: Government
Size: 300 Email Users
Location: South Africa
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