Email Security: Can You Really Keep Email Safe?

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"Mimecast has really given us a great option for email security.  The amount of spam that we were fighting before with the previous vendor was just out of control.  We made the choice to go to Mimecast, because we had heard from so many people that the things that we were seeing, they weren’t seeing."

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We're a single site law firm.  We have about 180 users.  We practice corporate defense, toxic tort litigation, all the way to commercial transaction work. 

This firm could not live without email.  It’s become more important than a telephone to us.  The rest of our attorneys spend most of their time using email every day; in fact, I would say for a higher percentage of our attorneys, their number one computer function is email.  They use it for contracts.  They use it to send letters.  They use it for basic communications between other attorneys.  It’s the medium that everyone prefers to use these days.  If email were to go down for this firm, it would be mass chaos.

Email Security: Can you really keep email safe?

Some of the biggest challenges with email for us was not only the management of it, but really keeping it safe.   As we saw the evolution of spam come on, we were wasting more time digging through spam every day than we were actually reading valuable emails.  The worst that we’ve ever experienced that made us want to find another solution was the NDR spam outbreak that they had about a year ago.  We had attorneys getting anywhere from 1,000 to 15,000 non-deliverable receipts that were nothing more than spam.  Our provider at that time couldn’t even find a solution to fix that, which pretty much made us make our mind up to say, “ok, we need to find something different.”

We had made the decision several years ago to move away from a hardware based solution to the cloud, because of bandwidth restrictions.  Bandwidth was expensive at the time, and we were having  to take on a bunch of email that was never even going to be delivered to our users.  It made sense to go ahead and deliver it to a cloud provider and let them give us just what was good email…not the garbage. 

We viewed several other solutions to see what they had to offer.  We also talked to many people who have had Mimecast already implemented, and it just seemed like Mimecast was the best solution.  They offered a very good email journal, and they offered really good spam filtering, and then they gave us several other options like email continuity.  We don’t have a hardware device that we now have to maintain.  We don’t have increased bandwidth cost, and we feel confident that our email will be there.

Prove email delivery and receipt

I think one of the best features from my standpoint is the ability to go look and see if emails were actually sent and delivered to other email servers. When you’re dealing with contracts, those are the times and that is the proof that says, “Hey, yes, this was delivered and, yes, it was delivered at this time.”  You can go to the email message that a user is questioning.  You can go in and check the transmission, receipt, and delivery of the email, and it’s proof.  You can say, “Hey yes.  These servers actually did talk to each other and that email actually was delivered.”  In my business, when you’re working with people who are trusting that an email has been delivered to someone… that is more valuable than anything else.

Increased productivity by removing spam

I’d recommend Mimecast to anyone who is looking for an email solution that offers continuity and archiving along with security.  The product has been bullet proof.  It has increased our productivity through removing spam.  There was value in the fact that we wouldn’t have to buy solutions… we would already have one solution… one total package.  And we have one place to manage it from.

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