Paper products manufacturer implements SaaS-based email management solution at a fraction of the cost of on-premise solutions.

About Rockline

Privately owned Rockline Industries, based in Wisconsin, is the largest supplier of coffee filters and private-label baby wipes in North America. Employing 1,800 people, Rockline does business in more than 50 countries and has manufacturing operations around the world.

In order to remain compliant with Federal Rules for Civil Procedures, the company needed a better solution for archiving email for its 650+ email users. Rockline’s existing approach required locating and then searching daily backups from tape and individual Outlook PSTfiles distributed all over the company’s network – a time-consuming and expensive task. In 2008, the Human Resources staff at Rockline approached Perry Fritz, Enterprise Operations Manager, to find a better way to meet compliance requirements.

Multiple Requirements Drive the Need for Unified Email Management

The timing of the request was good. Fritz’s team had been working on a related project, a way to automatically append and govern signatures on outgoing emails at the location level – a requirement for its UKoperations – and was also considering integrating Rockline’s anti-spam solution. They folded this new archiving requirement into the mix.

As the scope of the project expanded, however, the complexities and costs mounted. “To cover everything we needed, it looked as if we would need to purchase at least four point solutions,” Fritz recalls. “That meant dealing with four different vendors, purchasing multiple servers, trying to wrestle everything into working together, and then maintaining it. We didn’t have the staff or the budget to take all that on. Then one of our ITstaffers discovered Mimecast.”

Mimecast provides the only end-to-end solution for unified email management in the cloud – a fully SaaSbased solution that covers archiving, discovery, business continuity, security and policy management. More than 2,000 companies around the world have replaced multiple, on-premise point solutions with Mimecast subscriptions in order to significantly reduce the risk, complexity and overall cost of email management.

The Most Value for a Fraction of the Cost

“Mimecast had everything we needed, and more, all in one place and the model is so straightforward and simple,” says Fritz. “We pay one price per user per month, and email management is completely covered.”
Before committing to Mimecast, Rockline conducted a thorough evaluation of alternatives – including on-premise software and appliances. “When we compared the cost of Mimecast to the purchase and maintenance of the multiple, point solutions required to cover all of the features we wanted, we found that Mimecast would be approximately one-quarter the cost, and with far fewer headaches because it ties in directly with our existing Outlook servers. In addition, some of the features we wanted – such as disaster recovery – weren’t offered by any other vendor, period. In the end, Mimecast beat everyone else hands down.”

Implementation Takes Days; Not Weeks

All the elements of Mimecast were developed in tandem using the same code base, so they work together beautifully, Fritz reports. That meant implementation was simple. Mimecast has documented a step-by-step process – how to set up the Exchange server, what ports to offer, and so on – that’s very easy to follow. And it was completely seamless for Rockline’s email users.

With Mimecast, Rockline has achieved its original objectives – and then some. Its staff can easily retrieve archived email for any user in just a few minutes. They have the ability to automatically append email signatures at the individual, office or regional level. Their spam and virus protection is more integrated than what was provided by their previous vendor. “But best of all,” says Fritz, “we were able to add several important capabilities that we didn’t think we could get or afford – such as disaster recovery – for less than what we paid for just anti-virus protection before.”

Major Ice Storm and Power Outage Puts Mimecast to the Test Early On
The Rockline ITteam is particularly excited to have user continuity – a capability it did not have previously. Rockline had the opportunity to test this Mimecast feature in January 2009, when a devastating ice storm hit Arkansas, knocking out power to its main facility in Northwest Arkansas including the email server.

The switchover from Exchange Server to Mimecast happened in seconds, says Fritz. “Most area employees were staying in hotels due to the storm, so they had Internet access,” he explains. “We sent out a notice reminding them to simply click on their Mimecast inbox, rather than their regular Outlook inbox, in order to send and receive email. It looks just like Outlook, and all the same policies and services such as anti-spam are applied. Everything worked perfectly. Thanks to Mimecast, we didn’t lose a step. The email outage was completely undetectable to customers, partners and others who communicate with us via email.”

Fritz adds, “The feedback we got from employees was extremely positive. One emailed me to say, ‘Just letting you know Ihave Mimecast up and running and it works great!’

Sector: Manufacturing
Size: 630+ End Users
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