Pump Solutions Group Reduces Email Retrieval Times From Four Hours to Just Seconds


Pump Solutions Group, a division of Dover Corporation, provides industrial pump and compressor technologies to customers around the world. Headquartered in Downers Grove, Ill., the company has manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Germany, China, India and France.


In 2009, Jeff Rountree, Global Network Manager for PSG, decided to look for a new AS/AV tool. “We had an appliance in place, but we found we really had to stay on top of the vendor for updates,” recalls Rountree. “It also required its own server, which was time-consuming to maintain. So when our contract came up for renewal, we decided to explore other options.”

Another item on Rountree’s IT wish list was an email archiving solution. Although subject to government regulations regarding import/export recordkeeping, PSG did not centrally manage email archiving or have any true policies in place – compliance was left up to individual employees, most of whom simply used PST files. Not only did this lead to inconsistent compliance, but the growing size of many users’ PST files created a drag on backups and required frequent IT oversight. When an email needed to be retrieved, says Rountree, the process was painful. An IT staffer would have to restore the user’s entire PST file and then manually search for the content. Complicating matters, because PST files did not include deleted messages, once a user deleted an email, it was irretrievable.


Rountree assumed he would be looking for three separate solutions, but a colleague at another Dover company suggested he check out Mimecast, which not only provided AS/AV but also email archiving and continuity, all in the same cloud-based platform. “Mimecast’s cloud-services model was very appealing to us,” recalls Rountree. “We wouldn’t have to host or update anything, we could just connect. Once we were introduced to the Mimecast solution and learned how much it could do, we were hooked. Our team looked at some other options, but couldn’t fi nd anything comparable – Mimecast was the clear winner.” As he dug deeper into his evaluation, Rountree found that Mimecast could provide all three critical services – AS/AV, email archiving and continuity – for about the same cost as PSG’s former AS/AV tool. The company could also eliminate the server formerly used for AS/AV, further lowering its overhead costs and freeing up staff time formerly dedicated to server maintenance.


Rountree reports that Mimecast services have exceeded his expectations, and delivered the following benefi ts to PSG:

Regulatory compliance automated
Regulations on import/export data call for seven years of archiving; Mimecast enables PSG to archive 10 years’ worth of email automatically, and it’s securely stored off site. “We now exceed the regulatory requirements,” Rountree says.

Email automatically archived, retrievable in seconds
According to Rountree, prior to having Mimecast, it would take his staff an average of four hours to fi nd an archived email – and he recalls one instance where he personally spent two full days to recover a single, year-old email that the company’s CEO needed. Now, the users themselves can retrieve email in just seconds. “In the past, email retrieval took an enormous amount of IT’s time, and it was hit or miss,” says Rountree. “With Mimecast, it’s so easy that IT rarely has to get involved.” Even if a user deletes an email from their inbox, it’s archived in Mimecast.

Lower hardware requirements
Not only was PSG able to retire a server previously dedicated to AS/AV, but it also eliminated the need to mirror PSG’s three Exchange servers, saving not only on hardware costs but also 40+ hours of the IT staff’s time and costly consultants that would have been required to set up a clustered environment.

Time savings for IT staff
PSG has offi ces around the world, many without any IT staff. Mimecast signifi cantly reduced the time that Rountree and PSG’s 12-15 other IT professionals spent on email management – just one person now centrally manages email services. In addition, the previously mentioned hardware reductions enabled by Mimecast helped further reduce the weekly workload of PSG’s IT group.

Better AV/AS coverage
“Often the database on our old appliance wasn’t up to date,” says Rountree. “We’ve never had that issue with Mimecast, so we’re better protected from spam and viruses.”

Email outages are a thing of the past
Whether outages are planned or not, PSG now has email continuity with Outlook integration so employees have a completely familiar email interface in the event of an outage. According to Rountree, in a recent planned outage when email failed over to Mimecast, the IT group didn’t hear from a single user. “If there’s a problem, we always hear about it,” says Rountree. “And no one has complained.”

Implementation was a breeze
“We were really impressed with the documentation that Mimecast provided,” Rountree recalls. “There are seven steps in total, and it’s all laid out very clearly. Mimecast even told us how long each step would take, and then they walked us through it all. Within a week we were completely confi gured to switch over. It was much easier than when we implemented our last AS/AV tool.” Support has continued to be stellar, he says, with most issues solved the same day.

Cost of email services reduced by 30 percent
Taking into account the actual cost of the Mimecast service plus savings in hardware, IT staff time and avoided consulting time, Rountree estimates that overall Mimecast reduced the cost of PSG’s email services by 30 percent, adding, “No one can match the combination of Mimecast’s features and the value for the price.” The next step for PSG is rolling out Mimecast Services for BlackBerry. “We have nearly 200 BlackBerry users, and BlackBerry service goes down more often than Exchange,” says Rountree. “And when it goes down, we hear about it. With Mimecast Services for BlackBerry, we’ll have email coverage whether it’s our BlackBerry server, our Exchange server even the RIM NOC that’s down. We’re really excited about that.”

As the volume of requests for email retrieval grew, Rountree decided it was time to implement a better system that would not only enable PSG to centrally manage email archiving, but would allow for considerably easier retrieval.

Rountree also wished to implement an email continuity solution. “If email went offline for even a half hour for maintenance, it was a big problem, and unplanned outages would have users fuming,” he recalls. “Email has become so important to the business – without it our operations practically shut down.”