Mimecast solves Pick n Pay’s email complexity and spam


The Pick n Pay Group is one of Africa’s largest and most consistently successful retailers of food, merchandise and clothing.

Pick n Pay’s head office, situated in Cape Town, is tasked with the challenge of sustaining this wide network and ensuring that supply chains operate without interruption, monitoring stock levels as well as handling financial affairs.

Each year, the group sends and receives roughly 20 million email messages. Managing a large enterprise of this nature demands a reliable email infrastructure which supports the enforcement of corporate governance and compliance expected of a Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) listed company.


In 2011, the Pick n Pay Group initiated a review to identify weaknesses within its Cape Town based data centre. The organisation’s complex,legacy IT environment had already begun to present complications which had contributed to undesirable communication outages and an excess of spam.

To rectify this, Pick n Pay elected to renew its email infrastructure with a focus on reducing complexity while implementing a more reliable security solution which integrated tightly with a Microsoft Exchange 2010 based environment.

“At the time we were faced with several legacy issues within our data centre which were contributing to losses in email communication, an influx of spam and inadequate security.” comments Duncan Rae, Technical Architect at the Pick n Pay Group.


After conducting a thorough investigation of available options, Pick n Pay appointed Mimecast to apply its Unified Email Management solution to the organisation’s email environment.

This significantly reduces the complexity typically associated with email
management, while ensuring uninterrupted communication delivery.

Mimecast’s email hygiene and data security solution were of particular interest to the Pick n Pay Group, offering an elegant answer to the challenges faced by the Cape Town based IT team.

“Mimecast Unified Email Management ticked all the boxes for us in terms of data safety. The cloud based nature of the solution combined with elements of information digestion and archiving aided us in overcoming the security, complexity and continuity difficulties we were encountering” adds Mr. Rae.


For Pick n Pay, the benefits associated with implementing Mimecast’s security service offering have been numerous.

Over 4 800 Pick n Pay employees currently make use of the Mimecast email infrastructure on a daily basis without interruption or disruption due to a breach in security or unsolicited spam.

“Each day, Mimecast blocks 6750 unwanted spam messages on our network. Since we implemented the Unified Email Management solution, we haven’t experienced any security breaches or communication downtime; an element which we have found particularly valuable during the email infrastructure upgrade process,” comments Mr. Rae.

Furthermore, Unified Email Management has given Pick n Pay the freedom to migrate from Microsoft Exchange 2003 to Microsoft 2010 without a loss in communication. The group is also making use of Mimecast’s 10 year email archiving solution at no cost; a service which Pick n Pay is considering subscribing to indefinitely.

“Mimecast was swift in its application of the requested solutions and the company has since fostered an eager and accommodating after sales relationship with the Pick n Pay Group. We look forward to working with them in the future” concludes Mr. Rae.

Pick n Pay Group
Sector: Retail
Size: 4800 end users
Location: Africa

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