Mimecast Assisted Connect facilitates New Jersey bank’s transition to powerful new email service

Successful Email Management System Migration Requires Dedicated Support

 ”Getting everything done in one swing” – that was Arnie Juliano’s primary goal, as he set out to replace his company’s email management system. As IT infrastructure manager for New Jersey-based OceanFirst Bank, Juliano’s task was to migrate the company’s complex, 500-inbox email environment over to a new platform provided by Mimecast. 

Awaiting OceanFirst at the end of the conversion process would be a host of benefits, from seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 and improved protection from spam and malware, to enhanced reporting and visibility across the entire email estate – all limitations of OceanFirst’s legacy solutions, GroupWise and IronPort. 

But Juliano and OceanFirst first had to get through the technology transition. According to Juliano, his team needed dedicated support that went beyond simply “here’s what you do, go ahead and do it” – and they found it with Mimecast’s Assisted Connect service. 

Mimecast Assisted Connect Augments OceanFirst’s Internal Resources 

When initially evaluating Mimecast and other email management system providers, Juliano followed his usual approach. He says: “When we evaluate technology products, easy management is a key criteria. We don’t have the luxury of assigning just two people to work 24/7 on a single technology platform, and that includes our email system.” 

Juliano’s small staff had numerous other responsibilities beyond overseeing a migration and managing a new email platform, and they also had to abide by strict information compliance requirements unique to the banking and financial services industry. Not to mention, they faced a hard deadline for completing the conversion. 

Given these factors, Juliano knew OceanFirst required a specialized onboarding process that went above and beyond standard integration. That’s why he opted for Mimecast Assisted Connect – a professional service ideal for customers like OceanFirst with large, complex email environments and specific objectives and a timeline in mind. 

Mimecast Assisted Connect provided OceanFirst with a dedicated account manager, who guided them on what to expect during the email migration and advised on best practices for working around any issues and using Mimecast. From the start, the account manager helped Juliano map out a full migration deployment plan for the couple of weeks leading up to the cut over – when the GroupWise solution went inactive. Throughout implementation, Juliano says Mimecast was involved and responsive, providing proactive progress monitoring, so he and his team always knew where they stood relative to expected milestones. 

Thanks to Mimecast Assisted Connect, the implementation went smoothly and was delivered on time, with no gaps in email availability or security. And even after completing the migration, Juliano has seen the same level of support and consultancy from Mimecast. He says: “From time to time, an issue may arise where we need to call in the experts for help. And each time that happens, we again see the value of having invested in a personalized consultancy service like Mimecast Assisted Connect.” 

Consultancy Service Optimizes Post-Migration Email Environment 

Since completing the migration, OceanFirst has seen the benefits of implementing Mimecast pay off immediately. With the email platform, the company improved its spam filtering and was able to contain inbox sizes with attachment stripping. Additionally, Mimecast Assisted Connect allowed the organization to take advantage of features it didn’t first know about like Mimecast Large File Send, which cut down on the inevitable calls from employees to IT when emails don’t send properly. 

It’s also become easier for OceanFirst to troubleshoot email issues – the problems are now more evident, and there’s less finger-pointing when something goes wrong. And Mimecast’s high availability has improved business continuity – Juliano says that if Office 365 has a problem, he has full confidence that the bank can maintain data assurance, and his users can simply log into Mimecast to send and receive email, ensuring productivity and customer service. 

None of these additional benefits could have been achieved if OceanFirst had trouble onboarding its new email management system. Mimecast Assisted Connect provided OceanFirst with necessary, supplementary support for its IT team, helping it to achieve the stable footing it needed to get its new email service off the ground 

OceanFirst Bank
Sector: Banking
Size: Number of Email Users: 420
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