Mater Group - Flexible cybersecurity awareness training for a diverse workforce

Including comedy and flexibility in a cyber awareness e-learning program wins executive buy in and excellent end-user engagement.

The Mater Group is a not-for-profit organisation operating across healthcare, education, fundraising and research. With a network
of hospitals and health centres, Mater is the state’s only nationally accredited hospital-based Registered Training Organisation and also operates a world-class research institute.

In 2017 a refocus of the ICT team saw Scott Hawkins appointed to the new role of Manager Cyber Security, Risk and Assurance. Coming from a business process background, Scott saw email security and cybersecurity awareness as top priorities.

“We had no e-learning available for training staff about cybersecurity” Scott says. “It was a real concern, as healthcare is often a target of cyber incidents and data breaches. Our most critical operations are keeping our core patient care systems up and running. Our focus was on the operational side of IT – keeping the lights on – but we hadn’t done much to educate our 6,500 email users about cybersecurity threats to those same systems. In healthcare, patient care is mission-critical, so it’s vital our core delivery systems are resilient.”

Mater also needed a flexible training solution – given the wide variety of different users across the business. “A cookie-cutter approach wouldn’t work. Our users have a wide range of roles and computer literacy levels.”


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