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    Major U.S. Healthcare Company Prescribes Mimecast to Protect Customer Data  


    • Needed to consolidate email security solutions under a single, easy-to-access console, as well as develop a true vendor partnership


    • Single, consolidated console to manage security tools
    • Ability to recall emails containing sensitive customer information
    • Internal security team able to spendless time trouble shooting email issues and more time on unique scenarios that come up

    For a healthcare company in the U.S., protecting several hundred thousand M365 email accounts is no easy task. Even tougher is putting customer privacy first.

    “Email is a vital and trusted communication channel. Healthcare companies constantly use it to share protected health information and personally identifiable information,” says one of the security team’s leaders.

    “It’s imperative that confidential customer information never leaks out. Luckily, Mimecast ensures that doesn’t happen.”


    Customer Vision

    The company was using multiple email security products prior to Mimecast, which created management and complexity issues.

    “They were working with three vendors, including Proofpoint for their secure email gateway, but lacked a way to manage the different products under one easy-to-access console,” says the security team member.

    “They needed a way to consolidate under one solution to solve that problem.”

    On top of that, the company views vendor relationships as more than just a contract, an element missing when it came to their security approach.

    “It’s imperative that confidential customer information never leaks out. Luckily, Mimecast ensures that doesn’t happen.”

    Mimecast Security Team Member


    “Our customer was looking for more than a vendor to secure email. They wanted someone who would listen to their concerns and be proactive, not reactive. That true partnership didn’t exist before Mimecast got to work.”


    Customer Strategy

    When the company began its evaluation of email security vendors, one company’s solutions stood out among the pack. “Mimecast was able to provide several products under one roof to keep the customer’s email environment as safe as possible. That consolidation really caught their eye and made all the difference.”

    The company gained an early flavor of Mimecast’s service quality during the initial deployment. “What was scheduled to be a 9-month migration project, Mimecast accomplished in just two and a half months,” says the team member. “Hard work on both sides made it so that our customer’s staff was trained and comfortable with the product ahead of schedule.”


    Customer Outcome

    Mimecast’s impact was felt immediately. Having solutions managed under a single console has allowed security team members to spend less time on routine administrative tasks, and more time focused on core security issues. And, they’ve been able to take customer privacy to a new level.

    “Mimecast made it possible for our customer to recall secure messages, something they couldn’t do before,” says the security team member. “If an email containing customer information gets sent to the wrong recipient, it can spell disaster. Now, IT staff can recall the message and see whether or not it was read, which is a compliance upgrade.”

    As for the true partnership it was seeking, the company is holding up its end of the bargain, constantly working with Mimecast to provide feedback that is helpful to all of its customers. “In the end, we’re all in this journey for the same reason.” says the team member. “Together, we can help make communications more secure for all.”

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