Landelahni Group Overcomes Continuity and Archiving Difficulties with Mimecast


The Landelahni Group has a number of wholly owned subsidiary companies focusing on niche offerings in recruitment, assessment and coaching. Landelahni has a substantial track record in providing executive search and scarce skills sourcing both locally and internationally, as well as interim management. It also offers local and cross border services in leadership assessments and coaching.

Online research and email availability is essential to daily operations at Landelahni. With over 40 permanent staff, the organisation not only depends on a reliable communication infrastructure, but also has a need for archiving and data retrieval. Critically, most client communications and legal contracts are now emailed for signature. A reliable archive to track this is essential.

As the sub-Saharan representative of the Global executive search network AMROP, employees are required to make use of separate email accounts and signatures for international client communications.


As an organisation that relies on email communications to track business progress email archiving and data availability is a vital contributor towards the continued success of Landelahni Group. The company also needed to maintain an untarnished record of business in progress conducted via email.

In early 2011, internal IT management identified shortcomings within the group’s on-premise Microsoft Exchange 2003 based email infrastructure. Although this system proved effective when delivering and receiving electronic communication, 170GB of email data had become challenging to manage from an archiving and retrieval perspective.

Furthermore, connectivity challenges at Landelahni’s head offices in Johannesburg had led to critical communication outages.

Landelahni’s decision to equip its staff with mobile devices presented yet another obstacle. The nature of communication demanded a secure messaging framework which the organisation’s current Microsoft Exchange 2003 platform was unable to provide.

In response to these challenges, Landelahni Group’s internal IT team began to explore solutions at an acceptable price point.


Although Landelahni initially sought out an on-premise solution to these challenges, it soon became clear that a cloud-based approach would be the more favourable choice.

After entering into discussions with Mimecast, Landelahni adopted Unified Email Management across the spectrum of its internal email users in March 2011.

Unified Email Management offers clients proven archiving, continuity, security, data retrieval and compliance solutions in a cloud-based  environment.

This allowed Landelahni to continue utilising its Microsoft Exchange 2003 platform for internal and external communications while archiving information within Mimecast’s data hosting locations.

Landelahni’s decision to apply Mimecast UEM to its email infrastructure afforded it the capability to search and recall legacy communications. In addition to this, Mimecast UEM guaranteed the “chain of custody” of Landelahni’s email messages and attachments to ensure the quality of data.

Furthermore, Mimecast’s cloud-based delivery model equipped Landelahni with always available email services, regardless of connectivity and Microsoft Exchange outages.

Finally, Mimecast’s mobile application for email has proven useful when
provisioning tablet PC’s for Landelahni’s employees. Reliable access point to email communications on the move has not only empowered management with greater flexibility, but has also secured mobile email according to best practices.


According to Tony Boshoff, Facilities and Information Technology Executive at Landelahni Group, Mimecast has proven invaluable to the organisation on two occasions.

“In December 2011 we experienced a loss of connectivity (due to cable theft). Prior to our agreement with Mimecast, we would have been left without email services, but due to UEM’s cloud based delivery model, we were able to continue functioning as usual.”

“Ten days of lost communication would have been detrimental to the organisation. We were impressed with the manner in which Mimecast’s technical team assisted us,” continues Mr. Boshoff.

The second instance related to data retrieval. During sensitive negotiations, Landelahni was required to produce proof of prior email conversations.

“Mimecast’s ability to perform quality audit searches across all legacy emails has proven to be invaluable. This enabled us to determine an exact history of all email communications that had taken place between all parties in the negotiations,” adds Mr. Boshoff.

In conclusion, Landelahni has expressed their full satisfaction with regards to Mimecast’s Unified Email Management solution and its after sales service Mimecast’s technical support also proved to be helpful for Landelahni.

“We are thoroughly impressed with both the solution and how the Mimecast team has conducted itself. Landelahni Group’s electronic communications are more robust than ever before,” concludes Mr. Boshoff.

Landelahni Group
Sector: Recruitment
Size: 40 End Users
Location: South Africa

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