Jones Waldo recoups investment in Mimecast in less than six months


Jones Waldo, one of Utah’s most prestigious and pioneering law firms, has been providing legal services to the businesses and community organizations that support and grow the state’s economy since 1875.
With three departments in business, real estate and litigation and more than 50 practice groups, attorneys at Jones Waldo have expertise to solve complex client needs in nearly every area of business. The firm has offices in Salt Lake City, Park City, St. George and the Chicago metro area.

Jones Waldo employees rely on email as their primary communications tool. Without email, work would grind to a halt, says IT Director David Clark.


With just three people serving 200 users, the Jones Waldo IT team prizes efficiency. So when the firm’s AS/AV provider Harris was acquired by Teltronics and the quality of service and support plummeted, the team sought a replacement.Another item on the IT wish list was a new email archiving solution. PST file maintenance and backup had become cumbersome, requiring tremendous amounts of both time and storage. In addition, finding and retrieving messages in PST files could take days, hampering the firm’s ability to fulfill eDiscovery requests.A third challenge the IT group faced was email continuity. While outages hadn’t been a problem, the team was concerned about its ability to recover email and provide ongoing service in the event of a natural disaster or some other event out of their control. In all three cases, Jones Waldo preferred a cloud-based approach in order to minimize hardware requirements and maintenance demands.


The Jones Waldo team assumed it would be purchasing three separate solutions – and then the group discovered Mimecast, which delivers enterprise email management services. “We were amazed that for a little bit more than we’d been paying our anti-spam/anti-virus vendor, we could get anti-spam/anti-virus, archiving and continuity,” says Clark.


No more PST Files
Prior to Mimecast, the Jones Waldo IT team was creating PST files for each user (one file per year) and then backing them up. The process was extremely time consuming, says Clark, and also severely impacted email server performance. “Everything on the network would slow down when we did our weekly backups,” he recalls. “It definitely impacted our users’ ability to get work done.” With Mimecast, both the PST files and the need for weekly email server backups are gone. “All of our email is archived automatically, and available in the Mimecast cloud whenever we need it,” says Clark.

Archiving via PST files was bad, but trying to retrieve a message from PST files was even worse, according to Clark. “It took a minimum of two hours to find a message in a PST file,” he recalls. “And because there were separate PST files for each user and each year, we often had to search through multiple PST files to find what we were looking for. It was not only difficult, but also very costly in terms of time.” With Mimecast, Jones Waldo email users have access to an easy-to-use yet comprehensive search tool similar to the Outlook search function that enables them to find the messages they need, by themselves, in just seconds. The IT staff can perform searches across multiple user accounts very quickly (for instance, if they need to find all emails relating to a certain case).

100 percent email uptime
Though email outages hadn’t typically been a problem at Jones Waldo, natural disasters in other areas of the country prompted Clark and his team to think about how the firm could continue to operate in the wake of a local disaster. “We could restore from backup, but it would be painful, and there would most certainly be an interruption in email service, probably for several days,” says Clark. “And that would severely impact our business. We knew we needed to have a better continuity strategy in place.” Now in the event of an outage, email service automatically fails over to Mimecast with no interruption. As long as users have Internet access, they have email.

Better AS/AV coverage
Jones Waldo users report a noticeable decrease in spam since the firm implemented Mimecast. “That means our staff is even more productive, and less computing resources are wasted,” notes Clark. “And unlike our previous vendor, Mimecast is always on top of the latest threats, so we are better protected on the AV front.”

Stellar support
Clark says that the service Jones Waldo has received from Mimecast has been nothing short of outstanding. “Our implementation was so organized – just a slam dunk,” he says. “And the quality of the support really sets Mimecast apart. When you call, you get a real person on the phone who answers your questions. If they don’t know the answer, they go get it and call you right back. We’ve even had Mimecast call us to alert us to problems we never would have known about. With our previous vendor, it was nearly impossible to get anyone on the phone for help when we needed it, never mind getting any proactive support.”

Rapid ROI
Clark estimates that Jones Waldo’s investment in Mimecast was recouped in less than six months. “The amount of time we spend on email management issues has decreased by 30-40 percent,” he reports. “With a staff of three, that’s like getting another full-time head.” “When you consider the time savings and cost avoidance, it’s fair to say that Mimecast paid for itself in less than six months,” Clark says. “And that’s without an email outage. In just one email outage, we would have recouped our entire investment instantly.”

[2021/01] Jones Waldo
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