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    International Specialty Jeweler

    Specialty jeweler rates Mimecast “D-Flawless”


    • Email Security Targeted Threat Protection (URL Protect, Impersonation Protect)
    • Email Archiving
    • Email Continuity
    • Large File Send


    • They will be using Impersonation Protect to defend against spoofing attacks and adding Secure Messaging

    International specialty jeweler with over 3,500 stores and 23,000 staff


    As high-profile retail brand and regular target of phishing and other email based attacks, store employees and office staff would unknowingly click on malicious links in email, introducing unnecessary risk for the company. Identifying the source and remediating a breach was a painstaking and time-consuming job. Running a hybrid Office 365 environment, built-in security did not provide the protection and visibility needed. Growing mailbox sizes and the need to centralise all email data for legal and regulatory needs was also a key issue.

    Solution and Benefits 

    The retailer initially chose Mimecast in 2012 for added security, integrated archiving and email resilience. As the business expanded and the frequency of phishing attacks grew, adding Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection was a natural choice.

    Phishing attacks most often attempt to trick employees into clicking on links in email which lead to compromised websites, with the aim being to steal their credentials to access valuable information. Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection – URL Protect stops these attacks by rewriting all URLs in inbound emails and scanning them in real-time on every click. With Mimecast, employees are protected from going to unsafe websites.

    The IT team can effectively respond to any potential threats much faster too, with visibility into every click on every link. Threat response and remediation if required… “now takes just minutes compared to hours” according to the jewelers Messaging Engineer.

    Mimecast also helps satisfy email tracking, complex multidomain routing and virtually instant policy updates, which previously took up to an hour with Office 365.

    Employees benefit too through the Mimecast add-in for Outlook. “They can self-serve for archive search, held messages and blocked senders. If email is down or slow it’s a major issue, so when Office 365 has a blip, staff can access their online inbox”.

    In Summary

    “Mimecast makes a huge difference with the time it saves and everything we can do with it. Our email is well protected with Mimecast and I couldn’t go somewhere that doesn’t use it”. 

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