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Hydradyne Hydraulics Secures Office 365™ Email with Mimecast

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  • Hydradyne Hydraulics (www.hydradynellc.com)
  • Industry: Industrial Automation
  • Location: Ft. Worth, TX

Hydraulics fabricator and distributor with 32 locations across Southeastern U.S.


  • Email Security
  • Continuity


  • Easy integration with Office 365 environment
  • Security against email threats
  • Scalability
  • Granular controls

Making a move to Microsoft Office 365™ for Hydradyne Hydraulics involved a lot of planning and forethought. To keep their email protected, they knew it meant sticking with Mimecast, a partner for Hydradyne both before and after its Office 365 migration. 

Business Situation 

Hydradyne, a Fort Worth, Texas-based hydraulics fabricator and distributor with 32 locations and approximately 450 email users spread across the Southeastern U.S., originally sought out complementary services for its email environment back when they were running on-premises Exchange Server 2003. Hydradyne had suffered outages taking down its email system for days at a time, said IT director Mike O’Neil. The timing of two projects—for a new cloud-based email backup system and for new cloud-based spam filtering— brought Hydradyne to Mimecast in early 2011. “Mimecast was a single source for both pieces without adding other appliances,” O’Neil said. “At that time we also only had two people in our IT shop, so being able to move to a cloud service with one dashboard from Mimecast helped us out, along with Mimecast’s support.” With Hydradyne’s small IT staff in mind, the company began considering moving major IT infrastructure to the cloud to lessen the management burden. This included an Office 365 migration in early 2014. 

Path to Change 

While the company had conversations about whether or not to continue with Mimecast’s Unified Email Management (UEM) Express solution after going to Office 365, the choice eventually became clear. Hydradyne knew it could not put all its eggs in the Microsoft basket when it came to keeping its email environment safe, even when moving from on-premises to the cloud. “With today’s cloud environment and all the threats out there, the Mimecast product offers more bang for our buck outside of the freebies you get from Microsoft,” O’Neil said. Mimecast gave Hydradyne the granular controls for keeping their email protected they wouldn’t otherwise get. The process of getting Hydradyne’s Office 365 email environment in sync with Mimecast was a snap; O’Neil said it took “hours, if not minutes to get things up and going and flowing through the Mimecast world…[Mimecast and Microsoft] lined up for us once again, and made for a great teaming of two products.” 


With UEM Express, Hydradyne receives an integrated email security and continuity service. While the continuity features serve as a backup to verify the consistent flow of email, Hydradyne keeps email protected from attacks through Mimecast’s security services. For example, last year Hydradyne added Targeted Threat Protection URL Protect as part of its package for real-time scanning of all clicked URLs received in emails to thwart spear-phishing attacks, which O’Neil said was a “no-brainer” in today’s threat landscape where attacks can arrive in email. In addition, Mimecast offers flexibility that makes it easier to onboard new employees when Hydradyne grows. “When we acquire other companies, Mimecast makes it easier to meld them together and easier to complete tasks like making new email addresses and forwarding domains,” O’Neil said. 

“With today’s cloud environment and all the threats out there, the Mimecast product offers more bang for our buck.”

Mike O’Neil - IT Director, Hydradyne Hydraulics

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