Gold mining company can forget about email management and get back to its core business

About Gold Fields LTD

We were looking for a strategic partnership with a service provider that was staying on the cutting edge of email technology, and that’s what we’re getting from Mimecast. Gold Fields is in the gold mining business.  We operate in four regions:  South America, South Africa, Austral Asia, and West Africa, with over  55,000 employees.
Email is critical. It’s now up there with some of our mining applications.  It is a business tool and something that nobody can be without.  A lot of our transactions happen by email.  Our senior executives use email as their everyday tool.  Email has become a way of life for employees.  For a company like Gold Fields to be without email would really be disastrous.
The critical challenges that we face with email in Africa is security.  We do have consistent communication via our email systems.  We’ve got executives traveling all over the world, and they need to be constantly connected to their email.  We would have given them public VPN connections back into their systems getting to their emails, but this was not really an efficient solution. 

Spam eats up bandwidth causing email downtime

It’s difficult, it’s expensive, and connectivity is a bit erratic in Africa.  Some of the other challenges we had with email were spam.  Spam came into our network, before we got rid of it or we stopped it. It started to eat up our bandwidth, which started to increase the cost of our IT services within communications.

Cloud computing is perfect for email services, especially around security that you can bring in, stopping malicious attacks at the cloud and not letting it penetrate into your private network, and  the redundancy that it offers.  By outsourcing our email environment into the cloud with Mimecast, we don’t have to worry about that anymore.  We just buy a service that is up 100% of the time and we are happy with that.

Mimecast offers full redundancy for email systems; employees can keep working even during an outage

We can be assured that a lot of the malicious attacks and spam and those types of things stay out there.  Mimecast is looking at that, and they are taking care of it for us. The other thing is that we have full redundancy.  Even though the email system is down, the employees can still work on the email, which is fantastic. Our mobile users have full access to their email when they travel.  In Ghana, Mimecast really assisted us in addressing one of our continuity needs around email.  If the executives there have an internet connection, they can get to their emails.

Mimecast lets us get back to our core business

I would recommend Mimecast to other people, because it would really free up your IT departments to focus on the real issues and not worry about email systems up and running.  Mimecast offers us all the technical and the email services that we require.   We are in the business of gold mining.  We’re not in the business of keeping emails up, redundant, archiving, and those types of things.  We looked for a world class service provider in that space, and Mimecast came out on top

Gold Fields
Sector: Engineering, Manufacturing
Size: 55,000+ End Users
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

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