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    Destination: Cyber Resilience - Customer Stories

    Cyber Preparedness Report


    • In this special cyber-preparedness report, you will hear from organisations across a wide range of industries that have been directly affected by security breaches, and gain a valuable first-hand account of how innocently and quickly a security breach can erupt and what it takes to get it under control. And most valuable of all, learn the crucial lessons from these organisations about the technology they now deploy to protect themselves from future potential breaches.


    • The alarming reality is that these attacks are increasingly sophisticated and the impact on business continuity, the financial repercussions and reputational damage is severe. To meet these challenges, cybersecurity must evolve from a departmental consideration to an organisation-wide responsibility that requires vigilance at all points.


    • This collection of stories spans industries, sizes and scenarios but what binds them together is the impact of malicious activity on each organisation’s operations and productivity, and the story of their recovery and resilience.

    At A Glance

    • Around the world, cyber attacks are increasing in number and severity – and the enormous financial and business cost of being the victim of an attack cannot be ignored.

    This vital report demonstrates why adopting cyber resilience is the only viable approach to security defences that continually monitor for threats while anticipating an attack with tailor-made technology ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

    Nick Lennon, Head of the ANZ region for Mimecast

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