Even during disaster, law firm affords zero downtime with email system

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About Breazeale Sachse & Wilson LLP

We’re a law firm founded in 1928.  We do primarily corporate defense law.  Our primary office is in Baton Rouge, but we also have offices in New Orleans and Covington.  We have approximately 160 users.  IT is absolutely critical to our organization and to almost any modern organization in general.  Everything from the documents that we create, to the phone calls that are made, to the accounting system, I mean every aspect of what we do IT touches.  We can absolutely afford zero downtime with email.

Managing email in-house now a thing of the past

Before we went to the cloud, we managed everything in-house with various appliance based devices that allowed us to do all of our anti-spam, anti-virus scanning.  We had a bit of a snafu with one of our appliances which caused some delays which prompted us to investigate other ways of accomplishing our goals without having to maintain some physical device or without having a person to have to go and monitor said device.   And the cloud was kind of a natural evolution.  The service offerings that have come about in the past four to five years have pretty much made appliances a thing of the past.

Living with email outages caused by natural disasters

Living in the Gulf coast, of course, hurricanes are a reality, and I’m sure most people have heard by this point in time of one called Katrina.  It hit us about five years ago.  It devastated this area.  At the time, our users in New Orleans had to evacuate, but that also meant that our servers there had to be shut down.  

If you go down for a hurricane or a disaster,  if your organization isn’t up and running within 48 hours, if you’re not back on the grid to where your clients or to where your people can communicate with you, you’re probably not coming back online. 

We ended up having to go into New Orleans under armed guard to go and fetch our email servers to bring them back so that we would have those critical emails, those critical documents, the things that we had to have to service our clients.

Getting all the email point solutions in a one-stop-shop

After reviewing several different vendors, Mimecast had everything that we needed, plus some things we hadn’t even thought of.   It became really a one-stop shop where I could suddenly pay a yearly fee, and I had all of these benefits, things that I did not have before, things that previously were never offered to us. 

Where else are you going to get anti-spam, anti-virus, email continuity, archiving, and retention… all of that taken care of for a flat fee?  If there is a disaster, our up time is not hinged upon our physical location…that our email will maintain its presence regardless of what happens to our physical location.
I would recommend Mimecast to anyone that considers email a critical part of their organization, which should be everyone.  We don’t have to worry if the hurricane comes, if it blows our entire building away, because our email is still up and our clients can still get in touch with us.

Our people can be scattered all around the world, and they can still log into a web portal, and they can continue to communicate and continue to work and to function and to service our clients, which is our reason for being here. 

[2021/01] Breazeale Sachse & Wilson LLP
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