Leading Import and Working Capital Specialist Overcomes Archiving Challenges with Mimecast

After a long standing policy of on-premises only solutions expired; Blue Strata immediately found the move to Mimecast was not only safer but vastly more effective.


Blue Strata Trading is a South African organisation which specialises in import fulfilment and related services and transactions.

Blue Strata Trading is An Authorised Financial Services Provider. This dynamic business facilitates the import transaction from order placement, confirmation and tracking to the hedging of foreign exchange risk, the management of import logistics and delivery to their client’s warehouse. Owned in part by Investec, the organisation imports billions of Rands annually and is South Africa’s only integrated end-to-end import and working capital specialist.


With a staff of over 100 dedicated professionals, Blue Strata Trading is highly reliant on consistent electronic communication as a key business tool.

Without email, the organisation would be unable to effectively manage vital international transactions and daily logistical challenges. After experiencing several isolated communication outages, the business determined that its email environment was unable to provide staff with the facilities required to meet business responsibilities.

As An Authorised Financial Services Provider, Blue Strata Trading is also required to follow several legal requirements relating to records retention meeting regulatory compliance. Over time, its long-standing policy of on premise PST ingestion had begun to prove ineffective in the face of a growing demand for email availability.

Finally, IT executives tasked with the administration of the organisation’s email environment had begun to experience challenges relating to overall management of the system and the provisioning of archived email to new devices.

The combination of these challenges encouraged Blue Strata Trading to seek out an email management solution which would comprehensively address limitations within its own email environment whilst supplying a foundation for future growth.


After a demonstration of Mimecast’s Unified Email Management service to Blue Strata Trading CEO, Adam Orlin, internal IT management began to investigate the organisation and its product offerings more closely. Ultimately, the business identified Mimecast Unified Email Management Enterprise as the best solution to its email challenges.

“Unified Email Management Enterprise offered us a collective resolution to several email communication obstacles” says Hadley van Lille, IT Manager at Blue Strata Trading.

“The combination of security, continuity and archiving within a single package was extremely attractive to us. Mimecast’s solid reputation within the international IT community was also an important determining factor.” Mimecast Unified Email Management offers a cohesive approach to email management through the integration of archiving, continuity and security solutions into a cloud-based service which is managed via a central administration console.

Significantly, Mimecast Unified Email Management Enterprise complies with the legal requirements relating to South African financial service providers by archiving all email communication for a period of ten years or more.

Furthermore, Mimecast’s off-premise infrastructure guarantees uninterrupted access to email at all times, irrespective of any communication outages which may occur.


Following a three week implementation and email ingestion process in March 2012, Blue Strata Trading began routing all electronic communication via Mimecast’s Unified Email Management solution - with striking results.

“We have yet to experience a communication outage of any kind and our staff have reacted in an overwhelmingly positive manner towards this updated email environment” comments Chiraag Makan, Blue Strata Trading Senior Systems Administrator.

“Furthermore, we have found Mimecast’s administration console, mail tracking services and MSO 4 integration invaluable in terms of daily email management. I’ve never seen a solution which affords IT such a clear view of the environment as a whole. It has really knocked my socks off.” “The business has also enjoyed the benefits of Mimecast’s email archiving solution, as well as several additional features such as mobile integration and email branding,” adds van Lille.

“Thus far, we have found the search functionality within Mimecast’s archiving solution absolutely instrumental. The Mimecast mobile application and email branding have also proven particularly popular throughout the organisation.”

Casting a view towards the future, Blue Strata Trading intends to upgrade its email infrastructure to Microsoft Exchange 2010.With the implementation of Mimecast prior to the migration Blue Strata will be assured of consistent email delivery and communication uptime throughout the process.

Blue Strata
Sector: Finance
Size: 105 End Users
Location: South Africa
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