Bandwidth & spam brings construction business to a halt

Video Transcript:

The benefits we received from using the Mimecast service in our IT department was the fact that we did not have to trace mail anymore.  We do not have to worry about spam, denial of service attacks, and also the fact that clients can access the mail…doesn’t matter if you’re in Africa or in the Middle East or in Asia Pacific, you can still access your mail using any of the Mimecast portal facilities.

About Aurecon

We at Aurecon provide a world class technical expertise and innovative solutions in projects in over 70 countries in Africa, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East.  We have major projects running in Africa, such as the Gautrain, and the Peter Mokaba Stadium which was used for the 2010 World Cup.  We have projects in the Middle East, including the Madinat Jumeirah Resort.

Email downtime brings business to a halt

Email is one of the most important collaboration tools we currently use.  Email has to go to a client, and email has to return… that’s our business.  Communication with other clients, tendering for jobs, sending drawings across the networks to your clients who ask you, “Is this correct?”  If email goes down, it costs us productivity and impacts our business relationships with our clients.  It even costs us money, and the business actually comes to a halt.

Some of the issues we face as a global company also based in Africa are bandwidth constraints and connectivity constraints.  Having sites that are in remote locations that have no connectivity at all, and then we need to utilize satellites for these remote sites.  Do to the bandwidth constraints, sometimes the mails just don’t go through.  This is a problem due to the fact that there is limited bandwidth available, and all of these issues need to be addressed.

Spam affects bandwidth; Causes email downtime

Some of the challenges we faced with our email environment were spam, viruses, and denial of services.  The day the email went down is the day that most of the company just called us saying, “When can I receive my email?  My clients aren’t receiving their emails.  Business is coming to a halt.”  We had to somehow determine what the issues could be to try and resolve it, and have the mail working again.  Some of the options we considered were on premise solutions and appliances, and we decided not to go that route.

Mimecast stops spam from entering internal network

Mimecast gave the ability to Aurecon to have message hygiene on the perimeter , making sure that spam attacks  and denial of service attacks do not reach our internal network, giving us the ability to make sure that email flows from ourselves to our clients and from our clients to ourselves. 

When implementing the Mimecast service, we definitely saved on bandwidth, our spam went almost down to zero, we could have full logging of all our email, internal and external, we could access our mail anywhere in the world, and we could access our email even if our own internal system is down.  All of these factors made Mimecast the service we chose.
I would recommend Mimecast to others, because they give you the service that you want.  You have 100% assurance that everything works and works well.

Sector: Construction
Size: 6,000+ End Users
Location: South Africa
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