Systems Integrator ARHD turns to Mimecast to automate email archiving for clients


Established in 2000, ARHD is an outsourced IT firm that helps clients across the U.S. meet business objectives through customized Remote Help Desk and IT Infrastructure Management services. ARHD can cost-effectively complement a client’s existing IT resources with first- or second-level support or offer complete support by serving as a client’s outsourced IT department. Many of its clients are financial services or law firms for whom eDiscovery is important.


ARHD is focused on meeting evolving client requirements and about two years ago, company founder and CTO Josh Lippy noticed a new trend: demand for more effective email management. “Email volume was exploding,” Lippy notes, “and organizations were starting to recognize that they lacked a way to archive email resources so they could be accessed quickly and conveniently if and when they were needed. Or, if an organization had an archive solution in place, they were finding that the volume was making the solution too expensive to manage and maintain in house.”

One of ARHD’s clients, for example, is a growth equity firm with an email retention policy that requires that they maintain an archive of all email, forever. The firm’s in-house archiving solution was becoming cumbersome as volume grew, taking up costly storage space. Plus, when the firm needed to conduct a search for a message – which happened frequently – there was no way to access email for the entire organization conveniently; the solution required searching each specific mailbox or PST file individually. “The client would have us do the work, because the tool was so cumbersome, and each search took us days to complete ” Lippy says. “It would cost our client thousands of dollars each time – as much as $12,000 in one case – so the costs were really adding up. To top it all off, we weren’t confident that the searches were even complete due to the limitations of their tool. We knew there had to be a better way to do it, for the client and for us.”


When ARHD selects a product to recommend to its customers, they choose a solution they can believe in completely. “It’s a balance,” Lippy explains. “We need to be on the cutting edge of technology to ensure the right solutions for our customers, but we don’t want to evaluate and select new products over and over again. Attaining institutional knowledge and proven expertise with the products we promote is a vital part of the way we do business.”

This philosophy meant that ARHD evaluated a number of vendors to find the one that best aligned with its key criteria. “We were looking for a solution that was SaaS and cloud based so that data size costs wouldn’t be a concern,” Lippy notes. “We also hoped to find a comprehensive suite of tools—archiving, e-discovery, business continuity and anti-spam/ anti-virus—under one umbrella. In the past, we’d bolted several products together to meet customer requirements, so we understood the value of a single, integrated solution.”

ARHD originally purchased and began installation of a competitive solution—until they found that it lacked some critical archiving features. Then, a client pointed Lippy to Mimecast. “Mimecast absolutely met all our requirements,” Lippy comments.

The first ARHD client to implement Mimecast was the equity firm. Mimecast has not only saved the firm tens of thousands of dollars a year on archive searches, but many thousands more on storage and server costs. “As you can imagine, with their retention policy, they have a lot of stored email,” says Lippy. “Now instead of being stored locally on servers and backed up to tape, it’s all in the cloud. It’s decreased the amount of storage and tape they need by an order of magnitude, not to mention the money they are saving by not paying us to do those tedious searches. They are also thrilled to have the business continuity features, which already paid off during a recent email server interruption.” Lippy says the client was ecstatic about all the savings, and has given AHRD more business and referrals as a result.

“Today we have about eight clients who use Mimecast, and we continue to recommend it,” Lippy says. “Clients especially love the eDiscovery features; in just a few minutes, one client was able to easily recover 15,000 messages required to fulfill an eDiscovery request. Before Mimecast, it would have taken several weeks to get the same information.”

“We work hand-in-hand with Mimecast on implementation for our clients, and we’ve developed training for our customers,” Lippy adds. “Mimecast has become an important element of our business.”


Offers broad services in single suite
ARHD is focused on meeting customer needs, so Lippy was no stranger to combining disparate tools into a single offering if it would meet customers’ requirements. But with Mimecast, ARHD can deliver archiving, eDiscovery, business continuity and AS/AV in one unified package. “No other product we considered offered the depth and breadth of Mimecast –it’s a tremendous value,” Lippy notes, “Customers benefit from a costeffective, intuitive, easy-to-use solution that stands out from everything else on the market today.”

Simplified archiving, for quick email search and retrieval
When email retention is a business policy, streamlining the process to archive and retrieve email can be an important business objective. “In the past, it was expensive and time consuming for customer—or for us—to retrieve email from the archive,” Lippy says. “Now, searches can be completed almost instantly. With Mimecast, you fill out a few fields and click a button and within seconds you have the exact results you’re looking for.” For ARHD, Mimecast’s quick response means that an important day-to-day task for its clients is now under control, and the systems integrator and its clients have more time to focus on other initiatives.

Reduced complexity and lower costs
As a single service in the cloud, Mimecast makes email management more cost effective. “Customers are challenged because with the volume of email they receive and retain, the cost of maintaining email archives in house has become prohibitive,” Lippy says. “Mimecast eliminates data size costs and the need for additional on-premise email storage while still providing for convenient email availability.”

Proactive email security
As a cloud-based solution, Mimecast removes threats in the cloud to reduce risks and ensure email-borne threats are blocked before they ever enter the customer’s network.

Importantly, by blocking spam and other threats at the gateway, Mimecast lowers overall email volume to reduce network traffic and improve overall network performance.

100 percent email uptime for clients
“Our clients’ businesses are dependent on email – it’s their #1 application, across the board. If email is down, they may as well shut off the lights and go home,” says Lippy. “Because these firms are on the small side, most didn’t think a business continuity solution was within their reach. Mimecast makes it very easy and very cost effective – now our clients don’t know how they lived without it.” Clients even have the option to add plug-ins for mobile devices so that email delivery to smartphones is not interrupted during server downtime.

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