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    Email Security

    Selecting an Enterprise Email Security Platform

    An analyst perspective from Securosis

    Ignore Email at Your Own Risk

    Email providers (including Microsoft and Google) take security far more seriously these days, bundling detection capabilities into their base email SaaS offerings. Their baseline protection is not the best, but IT security professionals prefer even mediocre security built-in to none.

    The arms race around detecting email threats continues, with security vendors making significant investments in complementary technologies (such as malware analysis and security awareness training), the emergence of purpose-built solutions, and a focus on threat intelligence to help the industry and customers learn from attacks. The more things change, the more they stay the same. As an industry we still struggle with protecting email — which remains the number one attack vector globally.

    Read this analyst perspective from Securosis today to ensure you have a plan in place to keep your organization cyber resilient.

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