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    Osterman Research: How Small Businesses Overcome Email And Security Challenges

    Mid-size to smaller companies face the same email and web security threats as larger companies. However, mid-size and smaller companies are often found at a disadvantage due to small budgets and lower headcount. Organizations' threats vary widely, from simple and innocuous spam to ransomware that can take down every endpoint in an organization. In the short 10 minutes to read this paper, you will learn:

    • About emerging, sophisticated web and email security threats targeting small and medium-sized businesses.
    • How the new paradigm of "work from home" is adding additional security challenges.
    • How inadequate security makes it easier for bad actors to gain access to networks and data sources.
    • How to address security issues with integrated email and web security capabilities utilizing the cloud.

    "Organizations should integrate their email and web security and do so in the cloud, particularly for smaller organizations."

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