Computing:The benefits of the cloud vs on-premise email archiving

The benefits of moving email archiving to the cloud.

Email is arguably the most important of all applications used in business. It is certainly difficult nowadays to imagine any business functioning for more than a very short time without it. However, the management of corporate email systems is notoriously complex, and in-house IT heads are increasingly looking to cloud vendors to take on some of the ancillary email management functions, such as anti-spam /anti-virus filtering, and the provision of robust email continuity.

The archiving of email data, though, is a more complex matter. Many organisations have built up large volumes of on-premise storage, and as the demand for more capacity increases, they find themselves in a never-ending cycle of purchasing more hardware and software, and expanding their IT footprint at a time when they are under pressure to decrease it.

A new breed of cloud-based archiving solutions offer a wide range of capabilities. These include bottomless archiving, seamless integration with existing systems and improved transparency and regulatory compliance, often offering an alternative or a solution to the problem of vendor lock-in.

However, IT heads who are already archiving email using on-premise technology may find the idea of moving their archive to the cloud quite daunting because of the complexities involved in migrating data, potential loss of control over the systems involved and having to trust an outside party to keep their data as secure as they would do in-house.

These concerns are perfectly valid and IT managers must be prepared to exercise due diligence to assure themselves that the realities of specific cloud offerings really live up to their promise.

The aim of this paper is to help IT managers decide whether archiving emails on-premise is the best solution, or if one of the new breed of cloud-based solutions might be a preferable solution.

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