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    United Against Ransomware

    Large or small, high profile or not, no business, government, agency, or institution is immune to ransomware.

    The time has come to fight back together using every tool at our disposal – from technology and partnerships to intelligence sharing and policy. ​

    Join Mimecast in the effort to stand strong against a determined set of adversaries and create a long-term approach to mitigating ransomware risk.

    Ransomware Agency Guidance

    Learn from institutions setting standards for enhanced security, resiliency, and reliability in the enterprise and public sector​

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    We've gathered resources from across the globe to help you navigate ransomware locally

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    Build a Comprehensive Ransomware Resilience Strategy

    We all have a role to play in fighting ransomware: Executive-level leaders must foster a strong cybersecurity culture, and IT security professionals need the ability to prevent, detect, and recover from attacks.

    How can organizations be prepared? By building a comprehensive ransomware resilience strategy, one integration at a time. Learn how Mimecast uses the power of together to help you do just that. Through partnership, one of the industry’s largest libraries of open APIs, and best-in-class email security, awareness training, and email continuity technology, we’re helping companies like yours stand strong in the face of ransomware.

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