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    Threat Intelligence Feed


    Better visibility, greater control

    When it comes to preventing cyberattacks, knowing what you’re up against is half the battle. Get a deeper understanding of attacks that have been blocked and see how your attack types and volumes compare to regional peers with Threat Feed, the threat intelligence API from Mimecast. You can surface information relating to malware on your account and the Mimecast grid itself using a third-party analytics tool of your choice, giving you information that can help minimize attacks and keep your organization safer.


    Mimecast’s threat data complements your other sources of threat intelligence

    If you are already aggregating commercial or open access threat intelligence feeds into your SIEM, SOAR or EDR, you can easily add Mimecast’s threat intelligence to your mix.  Data feeds include malware details from your organization that give you a more granular view of threats affecting you directly, and Mimecast grid data so you can compare your organization against a range of company types within the same geographic region.


    Combine Mimecast Threat Feed with other sources of threat intelligence

    The Mimecast Threat Intelligence Feed easily integrates with your third-party tool of choice so you can synthesize data about emerging cyber threats from multiple sources, including Mimecast.


    Includes information about malware found on your account and in the Mimecast Grid.


    Identifies actions that can help optimize protections and minimize attacks.


    Utilizes the information in other tools that support CSV or JSON (STIXv2.0).

    More Features

    Get access to consumable, actionable threat intelligence data

    Mimecast's Threat Intelligence capabilities deliver actionable insight about the attacks your organization faces and how you can shore up protections to minimize damage.

    Threat Dashboard

    The Mimecast Threat Intelligence Dashboard presents threat intelligence data with context, making it easily consumable, instructive, and actionable. Your team can view overall trends specific to the cyberattacks facing your organization and dig more deeply into items that warrant closer scrutiny.


    Threat Remediation

    Mimecast's threat remediation capabilities help you prevent the spread of malware by supporting rapid remediation of malicious files or messages post-delivery. These capabilities help to quickly identify IoCs and allow you to take immediate action to stop the spread of a cyberattack, protect sensitive data, and minimize damage.

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