Mimecast Services for Office 365

Best-in-breed security, archiving and continuity services – designed for the cloud and Office 365

The lower overhead, predictable costs and simplicity of Office 365 seems attractive. But for all its strengths, Office 365 as a single provider cannot fully replace the additional security protection, data loss avoidance and up-time assurance provided by essential add-ons to on-premises email systems.

Mimecast’s integrated suite of cloud services provides email risk mitigation for Office 365 – bridging the gap between single vendor and best-of-breed. Mimecast products provide defense in depth against targeted threats, strengthen data integrity and provide disaster recovery in the event of a Microsoft infrastructure outage.

Mimecast Services for Office 365 provide:

  • Mimecast S1 provides comprehensive security coverage with multi-layered, multi-vendor protection, including defense against whaling, spear-phishing and advanced persistent threats
  • Mimecast A1 gives mailbox level compliant archiving for an independent, verifiable backup of email data that supports legal hold, e-discovery and recovery
  • Mimecast C1 monitors Office 365 mail flow, provides alerts and gives one click response for uninterrupted employee email access via Outlook for Windows, Mac, mobile apps and a web portal
  • Integrated service bundles M2 and M2A for improved Office 365 security and cyber resiliency
  • Faster migration from on-premises systems like Exchange with cloud mailbox archiving and message routing

Other services for Office 365 include:


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