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    Email Continuity Management


    When email is disrupted, response time is critical

    Every minute of an unplanned email outage can cost businesses thousands of dollars. Mimecast’s Continuity Event Management service minimizes response times to mail flow issues by allowing administrators to proactively monitor high latency or failed deliveries. Real-time alerts notify IT staff of service disruptions, while users receive notifications on how to stay connected to email when the primary system is unavailable.


    The challenges of email continuity management

    Email downtime costs organizations thousands in lost revenue, impacts productivity, and creates customer service challenges. Whether your organization is running email on-premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid environment, email downtime is a major disruption to the business.

    Mail system downtime can result from cyberattacks, unplanned events, and planned migrations. No matter the cause, administrators need tools to get your organization connected and productive, quickly and easily, without the need for costly hardware and software. And it needs to be available when you need it most, within seconds of an incident.


    The Mimecast Solution

    Mimecast keeps organizations connected and productive during unplanned and planned email outages. Administrators can be proactive, receiving automated alerts and taking action in the event of mail flow issues.

    Mailbox Continuity works regardless of whether the organization is running an on-premises, cloud or hybrid environment and requires no expensive hardware or software to manage. Delivered 100% from the cloud, Mimecast Mailbox Continuity is ready when your organization needs it most.


    Instant failover and failback reduces RPO (Recovery Point Objective) & RTO (Recovery Time Objective) for email to near zero.


    Automatic synchronization of mailboxes after an event lowers confusion without straining IT.


    Uninterrupted access to email via Mimecast’s Outlook plug-in, mobile app and web portals until primary email system come back online.


    Monitors high latency and failed deliveries to take action on mail flow issues.


    SMS notifications allow real-time incident assessment, instant continuity portal activation and instructions to users on how to access email continuity


    Event specific dashboard with one-click continuity activation and employee alerting.

    How It Works

    Continuity Events In Office 365 Environments

    For organizations that have low tolerance for downtime, an email continuity solution is a necessary enhancement.
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