Secure Messaging

The Challenge

Certain communications or files are so sensitive that delivering them via email using the public internet is unacceptable. But on the other hand, employees want to use their email to deliver and receive all their communications and files. They don’t want to learn another application and be forced to switch between systems to conduct business. Furthermore, employers don’t want additional complexity and cost associated with third-party services.

What organizations need is a secure messaging service which is built directly into their email system, but that provides security and control over-and-above that which can be provided using traditional email security services, such as TLS.

Mimecast Solution

The Mimecast Secure Messaging Service provides secure email communications right from the employees’ email client. And, the administrator can easily set overarching security policies which are applied automatically in the Mimecast service.

Mimecast Secure Messaging provides:

  • A secure, cloud-based service that enables the sharing of sensitive information and files initiated directly from within the employee’s email client.
  • Easy message and file access via a secure Web portal hosted by Mimecast.
  • More complete protection than just using server-to-server encryption, such as TLS, providing security all the way to the receiver.
  • Fully customizable branding to ensure brand recognition and to enhanced recipient confidence.
  • Granular message controls covering message expiration, automated read receipt, print and reply/forward control, which can be applied by the sender or enforced using policies.
  • Maximum employee choice and control via Mimecast for Outlook, Mimecast Personal Portal, the Secure Messaging Portal directly, or via the Mimecast Mobile Application.

No longer do organizations need to use costly, third-party secure communications services that are separate from their email security systems. This lowers cost, saves times and makes it easier to manage.

Secure Messaging

Email containing sensitive or confidential information requires appropriate security and control, to prevent inadvertent or deliberate data leaks and protect information in transit.

Read this datasheet to learn more about how Mimecast Secure Messaging:

  • Provides a cloud-based secure and private channel by which to easily share sensitive information via email
  • Includes granular sender or policy-driven message controls – to initiate secure delivery, revoke message access, require read receipt, and more
  • Delivers intuitive message access and a consistent experience on any recipient device
  • Provides fully customizable branding to support recipient confidence
  • Supports governance and compliance while removing the complexity and pain of traditional email encryption
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Secure Messaging

Mimecast Secure Messaging securely delivers sensitive communications and files directly from the employees’ email client eliminating the need to use costly third-party applications and to train users on these external systems.


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