Email Incident Response


    Rapid removal of email-based threats from your employees’ inboxes

    Mimecast’s Email Incident Response service lowers the dwell time of email-borne threats by routing employee-reported emails directly to the Mimecast SOC. After automatic triage and expert analysis, any emails determined to be malicious are rapidly removed from employee inboxes throughout the organization. 


    Accelerate email incident response while reducing the burden on your team

    Learn how routing email-based threats directly to Mimecast can bolster your organization’s security posture.


    Elevate your SOC’s focus

    Reduce SOC burnout and reset your team’s focus on meeting detection and response goals for high-priority alerts. 


    Leverage expert analysis

    Cut through the noise and volume of employee-reported emails by leaning on the expertise of the Mimecast SOC.  


    Accelerate incident response & remediation

    Prevent attackers from gaining a foothold via dormant threats with swift response and remediation.

    The Challenge

    The challenge of email incident response

    Email threats continue to increase in volume and sophistication. Thanks to the success of security awareness training programs and plug-ins that allow employees to report suspicious emails, more and more of these threats are making their way to security teams for analysis.

    Unfortunately, the ongoing security skills shortage leaves teams overworked with high levels of alert fatigue - fatigue that’s compounded by the large number of benign emails employees report. Security analysts struggle to cut through the noise and give high priority alerts the time and attention they demand to ensure successful remediation.

    Consequently, dormant email threats go undetected for long periods of time, while the security team’s backlog of tasks and alerts grows.

    Our Solution

    Remove malicious emails from your employees’ mailboxes quickly and confidently

    Mimecast’s Email Incident Response service increases the security resources available to you and reduces the risk of dormant threats in your users’ mailboxes.


    AI-powered, automatic triage
    Emails reported to the Mimecast SOC are reviewed by an AI-powered and automatic triaging tool to provide threat dispositions and accelerate human analysis.


    Expert human analysis
    Mimecast’s own expert SOC analysts closely review and analyze reported emails for malicious indicators.


    Rapid response
    The Mimecast SOC historically responds to and remediates employee-reported emails in 30-minutes or less, around the clock.


    Organizational remediation
    Emails classified as malicious are remediated from all mailboxes across your organization through integration with Email Security, Cloud Gateway.

    Email Security, Cloud Gateway
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    Email Security,
    Cloud Gateway

    Advanced controls at your fingertips


    World-class email security built for your specific needs

    Email is the top attack vector and demands the strongest possible protection. Get world-class email security efficacy, delivered in the way the best meets your needs with Email Security, Gateway.

    With a broad range of complementary solutions and pre-built API integrations, Email Security, Cloud Gateway works in concert with Mimecast’s extended product suite to bolster security and reduce organizational risk.


    Email Incident Response FAQs

    What are the features of Email Incident Response?

    Email Incident Response can lower the dwell time of cybersecurity threats with rapid investigation, response and remediation by Mimecast’s expert email security analysts.

    Effective communications engage users and inform your analysts: Communications are built into each stage of the incident investigation workflow to ensure users are positively encouraged to report suspicious emails. Your security and IT teams are also part of the workflow communications and receive valuable forensic information when an incident is closed, to help with any further internal investigation.

    The Email Incident Response dashboard highlights user reporting accuracy, users that clicked suspicious links and threat types, which enable you to adjust your security program and processes to help maintain the best possible security posture.

    What are the benefits of Email Incident Response?

    Security operations centers (SOCs) are often overworked, and experience alert fatigue. As a result, enterprises are failing to analyze all reported emails, since emails reported as suspicious by users can take twice as long for an analyst to review. By routing emails to Mimecast’s SOC, the burden of analysis is removed from your analysts.

    Email Incident Response also helps to overcome the challenge of finding skilled cybersecurity professionals; it can relieve the pressure on the SOC to maintain staff morale and help retain current staff. It removes the requirement for costly tools to triage user reported emails without adding yet another console and additional processes to an overburdened SOC.

    How is Email Incident Response improved by artificial intelligence?

    Mimecast threat intelligence is crowdsourced from a broad base of data and years of experience in cybersecurity. When an email is reported suspicious, it is first inspected using the latest threat intelligence, which is used to enrich the email metadata along with contextual information, such as the user’s past reporting accuracy. Emails ready for analysis are automatically triaged and prioritized, enabling Mimecast’s expert analysts to rapidly classify threats and remediate all instances across your business. These classification decisions are used to strengthen future decisions and classifications with machine learning, which in turn prevent the same threat from reaching other users.

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