The Challenge

Phishing attacks are growing at a record rate, and cybercriminals are more adept at tricking their victims. It is estimated that 46K new phishing sites are created every day, with the majority being online and active for only 4 to 8 hours. Attackers often use links in emails to bring unsuspecting users to these phishing sites or in some cases to initiate the downloading of malicious files, such as ransomware, directly to their computer.

Email security systems which only inspect URLs during the initial delivery can be easily bypassed by attackers by using a benign site or file, which only later changes to a malicious one. Furthermore, individuals may be clicking these links from many different types of endpoints, thus endpoint-based security controls are generally ineffective in protecting organizations from URL-based email-borne attacks.

Mimecast Solution

The Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection - URL Protect service provides multistep detection and blocking of malicious URLs, including pre-click URL discovery, during click inline employee education and post-click resolution and blocking of dangerous files types. Its capabilities include:

  • Protection from malicious URLs on and off the enterprise network with every click, from any device.
  • Rewriting of all URLs in inbound emails and real-time scanning on every click.
  • Third-party and Mimecast proprietary threat intelligence and analytics to assess the URLs.
  • Blocking of commonly exploited typo-squatted internet brands.
  • Inspection across various character sets to detect domain similarities.
  • Detection of non-western character and puny-code domains in URLs to protect against sophisticated domain similarity attacks.
  • Stripping of file attachments containing malicious URLs from inbound emails.
  • Real-time inspection and sandboxing of directly downloaded files in conjunction with Mimecast Attachment Protect
  • Dynamic and customizable user education to help improve employees’ caution and awareness of the threat environment.

URL Protect

Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection – URL Protect is an advanced email security technology that protects employees against targeted attacks in email, extending our existing Secure Email Gateway anti-spam and anti-virus services. Learn more with this downloadable datasheet.

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URL Protect

Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection – URL Protect provides comprehensive protection from malicious URLs in email, including spear-phishing and other targeted attacks.


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