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    Browser Isolation


    New and unclassified websites? No worries.

    Did you know that 200,000 new domains are registered every day and 70% of those are malicious, suspicious, or not safe for work? Give users safe access to new and unclassified websites with Mimecast Browser Isolation.


    Defend against sophisticated phishing attacks and surf safely

    No web security proxy can protect you from every threat. Defend against sophisticated and difficult to detect phishing attacks and eliminate the patient zero problem with Mimecast Browser Isolation.

    The solution protects your users and organization by opening target web pages in a remote browser on a secure server in the Mimecast cloud.


    The Mimecast solution

    Even the most cyber-aware users might click a link in a phishing email, find their search results have been poisoned or just browse to the wrong site. Mimecast Browser Isolation provides an extra layer of defense, increasing protection against sophisticated attacks.


    Allows users to safely click URLs embedded in emails and surf to any website.


    Opens new, unclassified web pages in remote browsers in the Mimecast cloud and streams only safe video to users.


    Strengthens defenses against phishing attacks through policy-driven blocking of data input into websites.


    Protects against drive-by downloads and patient zero malware infections by containing malicious code on a remote server.


    Defends against ransomware by executing potentially malicious files in the Mimecast cloud, safely away from your users’ devices and information.


    Minimizes the impact on bandwidth and user experience through a proprietary, lightweight video streaming protocol.


    Provides a safe, low-cost environment for security analysts to rapidly investigate email security incidents.


    Lowers the cost of defense-in-depth protection.

    How It Works

    Mimecast Browser Isolation, explained.

    More Features

    Protect against email-based threats with advanced technical capabilities

    Phishing, spam, business email compromise, malicious URLs, ransomware - these attacks continue to plague businesses. Explore Mimecast's features that protect against these ubiquitous threats.

    URL Protection

    Protect against malicious URLs with every click and on every device with real-time scanning of every link, rewriting of URLs, computer vision logo scanning, browser isolation, and inline employee education.


    Attachment Protection

    Neutralize threats from malware attachments embedded in emails with protection that balances speed of delivery with detection efficacy. Leverages multiple anti-virus engines, static file analysis, safe-file conversion, and behavioral sandboxing to provide advanced, multi-layer protection.


    Impersonation Protection

    Get instant, comprehensive protection against malware-less email attacks that impersonate trusted senders. Real-time scanning of all inbound emails detects header anomalies, domain similarity, recency of the sending domain, and sender spoofing to keep end-users safe.


    Internal Email Protection

    Rapidly remediate malicious emails discovered post-delivery, apply best-practice security protocols to outbound and employee-to-employee email, and prevent the lateral spread of attacks with internal email protection from Mimecast.

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