Mimecast Static File Analysis

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    How does it work? 

    Mimecast Static File Analysis uses signature-less technology to catch more sophisticated and zero-hour attacks that traditional anti-malware cannot. This technology evaluates every line of code, even those not being executed (which sandboxes cannot detect) to identify malicious actions faster and more accurately than traditional detection methods. 

    Mimecast uses this detection technique in both our email security and web security services to deliver even better efficacy to help protect our customers. So, whether your creative team is downloading media files, your legal team is accessing contracts in Word, or your users are downloading PDFs, Mimecast Static File Analysis along with sandboxing helps protect your organization and employees from never-before-seen attacks. 

    How does it work? 

    The benefit of this approach?

    Traditional cybersecurity uses signatures and sandboxing to detect known and unknown threats. This approach, however, can struggle to detect the latest evasive malware. Combining Static File Analysis with signature-based detection and sandboxing improves detection efficacy and speed for better protection against current and future threats.