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    Attachment Protect


    Protecting users by neutralizing threats from malware attachments embedded in emails and directly linked in URLs

    Mimecast's Targeted Threat Protection - Attachment Protect provides comprehensive protection against both known and unknown threats through a multi-layered approach leveraging static file analysis, safe-file conversion and behavioral sandboxing for advanced protection from email-borne malware.


    The challenges of attachment protection

    With over half of all data breaches containing malware and 66% installed via malicious email attachments*, the delivery of malware via email remains one of attackers’ favored techniques. Emails that contain attached files must be inspected for malware.

    However, malware can take many forms and can run the gamut from broadly-distributed, commodity malware at one end of the threat spectrum, to highly targeted, custom-built varieties targeted at a single organization. If your organization’s email security system doesn’t use a sophisticated set of malware detection techniques, you are exposed.


    The Mimecast solution

    Mimecast’s Attachment Protection service provides multiple layers of defense against potentially malicious email attachments, balancing speed of delivery with detection efficacy.


    Multiple Anti-Virus Engines - Instead of relying on a single source, Mimecast leverages both proprietary and commercially licensed engines for broader malware signature detection.


    Static File Analysis - The file itself is evaluated for packing, abnormal code, embedded suspicious objects, and many other factors, without executing it, to determine if it shows traits consistent with malware. The file can either be delivered, blocked, or passed on to the Sandbox for further analysis. This accelerates analysis and improves efficacy.


    Safe File Conversion - The ability to convert Office and PDF files to a safe file format for immediate delivery to employees. Employees can then request the original file and thus have it scanned on-demand before delivery.


    Sandboxing – Unlike other solutions, Mimecast uses behavioral sandboxing at the final stage of analysis using full system emulation and virtualization.


    Threat Intelligence – Get deep insight into the malware targeting your organization using Mimecast’s Threat Dashboard. Or use Threat Feed, Mimecast’s Threat Intelligence API, to benchmark against peers in your region and get a deeper understanding of threats blocked using your tool of choice.

    How It Works

    Protecting users from advanced email-borne attachment threats

    More Features

    Protect against email-based threats with advanced technical capabilities

    Phishing, spam, business email compromise, malicious URLs, ransomware - these attacks continue to plague businesses. Explore Mimecast's features that protect against these ubiquitous threats.

    Impersonation Protection

    Get instant, comprehensive protection against malware-less email attacks that impersonate trusted senders. Real-time scanning of all inbound emails detects header anomalies, domain similarity, recency of the sending domain, and sender spoofing to keep end-users safe.


    URL Protection

    Protect against malicious URLs with every click and on every device with real-time scanning of every link, rewriting of URLs, computer vision logo scanning, browser isolation, and inline employee education.


    Internal Email Protection

    Rapidly remediate malicious emails discovered post-delivery, apply best-practice security protocols to outbound and employee-to-employee email, and prevent the lateral spread of attacks with internal email protection from Mimecast.


    Browser Isolation

    Defend against sophisticated phishing, ransomware, drive-by downloads, and zero-day attacks with browser isolation capabilities that open target web pages in a remote browser on a secure server in the Mimecast cloud.

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