Unified Email Management Enterprise

A suite of fully integrated email security, continuity and archiving services

Managing the risks associated with external attacks, operational downtime and loss of corporate data has traditionally been resource-intensive and costly.

Mimecast Unified Email Management Enterprise integrates email security, continuity and archiving services, all in one cloud service to significantly reduce the overhead and cost of delivering email services. Email security and content control policies are applied anytime, anywhere —with familiar applications such as an Outlook for Windows plug-in, Mac application, a web portal and mobile apps keeping employees connected and secure. Archiving is handled in one central location, with retention policies to keep mailboxes small. And the company is protected from email disruption due to planned or unplanned email server outages.

Mimecast Unified Email Management Enterprise:

  • Protects the organization from spam and malware with 99% anti-spam and 0.0001% false positives
  • Provides always-on access to real-time and archived email via Outlook for Windows, desktop and mobile apps for better employee productivity – with industry-leading 7 second search SLA
  • Allows employees to send and receive email even during outages with Outlook for Windows, desktop, Mac and mobile apps for better employee productivity
  • Automates mailbox archiving and retention management to support comprehensive e-discovery capabilities and better policy administration
  • Removes complexity and cost by reducing the need to establish and maintain expensive disaster recovery and security solutions
  • Scales easily to handle business growth without the need for expensive planning and resource investment

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Features and Add-on Modules

Unified Email Management Enterprise provides robust built-in features, and add-ons to meet to your organization’s requirements.

Case Study

Mimecast a Home Run for Cleveland Indians

Cloud-based email management service saves MLB team 120 hours of IT staff time annually.

Analyst Report

ROI Calculator

The Mimecast ROI Calculator draws on a detailed, independent study conducted by Forrester Consulting.


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