Email Archiving

Archive business email and data safely in the cloud with Mimecast

Thousands of customers rely on Mimecast to archive their important email, file and Lync IM information.

We’ve learned a lot from archiving over 25 PB of data for customers around the world. With an integrated cloud based email archiving platform, Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving is highly scalable and resilient, combining automated tools for administrators to manage mailboxes, e-discovery and litigation support, and powerful applications for employees to access  and securely share data quickly. The end result is fewer IT resources, lower costs, streamlined workflows,  and improved retention management.

Mimecast provides:

  • Rapid search and access to retrieve archived email within seconds
  • Access to employee personal archives on any device, anywhere
  • Flexible policy driven retention at the organization, group, mailbox or published retention folder level
  • Comprehensive compliance, e-discovery and litigation support including legal hold, case review and management, and data export
  • Complete archive access logging including searches and message views
  • Encrypted, secure storage in multiple geographically-dispersed data centers with triplicate copies for built-in redundancy
  • Per employee pricing - not based on email volume or the number of mailboxes - delivering lower TCO
  • Learn more about A1 and M2A service bundles that include Email Archiving

Mimecast Cloud Archive For Email

For over a decade, Mimecast Cloud Archive for Email has been the industry standard. Using multiple collection points – from a combination of the journal, gateway and synchronization technologies – Mimecast Cloud Archive for Email retains the original email, detailed meta-data including email recipients and delivery date and time, and a copy of the email if it was changed by company policy enforcement. Mimecast Cloud Archive for Email archives all inbound, outbound and internal email for instant searching by employees and administrators.

Mimecast Cloud Archive for Email provides:

  • Automated mailbox size and retention management to reduce email storage overhead and infrastructure management costs
  • Centralized control of email retention policies with three tamper-proof encrypted copies stored in separate locations to support data security and governance
  • 7 second search SLA to put information at employees' fingertips
  • Administrative global search and e-discovery cases for quick response to potential litigation with visibility to both original and policy-modified emails


Features and Add-on Modules

Mimecast Enterprise Information Archiving provides robust built-in features, and add-ons to meet to your organization’s requirements.


Mimecast A1 - Email Archiving

Mimecast A1 Email Archiving offers a true, cloud-based SaaS solution with the integrity and feature-robustness …

Mimecast & Gartner Research

Mimecast & Gartner Research

5 Common Misconceptions About Email Archiving

5 Common Misconceptions About Email Archiving