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    Mimecast Simply Migrate


    Reduce the time and cost to migrate legacy data to the Mimecast Cloud Archive

    Mimecast Simply Migrate extracts, validates, and transports your legacy data from common archives like Veritas Enterprise Vault and Dell EMC SourceOne to the Mimecast Cloud Archive. Mimecast manages archives in specific geographic regions and ensures that they are tamper-resistant. The result? Alignment with your regulatory compliance requirements, support for rapid e-discovery, and flexible retention management for managing corporate information.

    The importance of migrating emails the right way

    The need to migrate legacy data from archive repositories has presented numerous challenges. Historically, the status quo for legacy data migrations has included tremendous up-front costs, time, and service provider complexity.

    Mimecast Simply Migrate enables historical data from third-party archives to be ingested into the Mimecast Archive, while providing end to end visibility, eliminating drive shipping in some instances, and providing access to several legacy archive repositories.

    The Mimecast Solution

    Protect the corporate memory that resides in legacy archives and keep that information easily available.


    Rapid importing of legacy archive data into a single, secure archive using either encrypted hard disks or over-the-wire transfer to make e-discovery and search more powerful.


    Purpose built migration software integrated with the Mimecast Cloud Archive.


    Extract and process data locally and send it with secure encryption.


    Intuitive, easy to use workflows allows users of any type to understand the progress of the legacy data migration from multiple perspectives.

    How It Works
    Mimecast Simply Migrate, explained.

    Legacy archive systems are struggling to maintain support, and often face end-of-life. While cloud migration can be daunting, it's become more critical than ever. Safeguard intellectual property with Mimecast Simply Migrate.

    More Features

    Unlock the power of your information with a multi-purpose cloud archive

    Learn more about the features Mimecast offers to protect critical enterprise information.

    Sync & Recover

    Mimecast Sync & Recover provides integrated archiving and data recovery capabilities, delivering fast and easy email inbox restoration. Organizations can manage compliance archiving and data resilience from a single, easily searched Administration Console, without the need for dedicated backup and recovery solutions.


    Compliance & Supervision

    In today’s regulatory climate, it’s safe to say that existing regulations will evolve, new ones will emerge, and few will go away. A modern approach to meeting compliance requirements safeguards your data, your people, and your brand. Mimecast Cloud Archive helps you meet today’s regulatory, legal, and corporate requirements quickly and accurately.


    E-Discovery & Early Case Assessment

    Mimecast E-Discovery & Early Case Assessment leverage the power of Mimecast Cloud Archive to collect, preserve, discover, and review all types of Electronically Stored Information, empowering IT and legal stakeholders and reducing the need to rely on expensive, third-party solutions.


    Archive for Microsoft Teams

    Mimecast Archive for Microsoft Teams is a single, fully integrated solution that enables organizations to protect, discover, investigate, and recover data from internal and external threats that target cloud messaging and collaboration platforms.

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