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    E-Discovery & Early Case Assessment


    Litigation readiness is in your control

    Mimecast E-Discovery & Early Case Assessment leverages the Mimecast Cloud Archive to collect, preserve, discover, and review all types of Electronically Stored Information (ESI), empowering IT and legal stakeholders without the need to engage expensive third-party solutions.


    The challenges of e-discovery

    Constantly reacting to litigation events is risky, not to mention expensive. Getting more proactive about your advanced e-discovery action plan and managing at least a portion of the e-discovery process “in-house” is on the rise.

    Mimecast empowers legal teams with an integrated archive solution with self-service e-discovery features to gain a quick and defensible edge on Early Case Assessments and case strategy.


    The Mimecast Solution

    Mimecast Cloud Archive reduces the cost, complexity, and risk of advanced e-discovery with in-house tools for legal hold, case review, and self-service search for legal teams.


    Slash third-party costs with in-house identification, preservation, collection, and review.


    Rely on Mimecast Cloud Archiving for consistent and defensible search results.


    Streamline review and refine results to minimize exports.


    Perform Early Case Assessments confidently, even when the clock is ticking.


    Assess and manage your case strategy with data visualizations and customizable reports.


    Preserve the data you need with item level and mailbox legal hold.

    How It Works

    Mimecast E-Discovery & Early Case Assessment, explained.

    The clock is ticking. Are you prepared to confidently respond to your legal or compliance requests and early case assessments? What’s that costing you? There’s no doubt…saving time, money and resources across legal and IT teams is the ultimate end game. Mimecast can help you build a defensible e-discovery response plan in-house, without skyrocketing outsourced costs.

    More Features

    Unlock the power of your information with a multi-purpose cloud archive

    Learn more about the features Mimecast offers to protect critical enterprise information.

    Sync & Recover

    Mimecast Sync & Recover provides integrated archiving and data recovery capabilities, delivering fast and easy email inbox restoration. Organizations can manage compliance archiving and data resilience from a single, easily searched Administration Console, without the need for dedicated backup and recovery solutions.


    Compliance & Supervision

    In today’s regulatory climate, it’s safe to say that existing regulations will evolve, new ones will emerge, and few will go away. A modern approach to meeting compliance requirements safeguards your data, your people, and your brand. Mimecast Cloud Archive helps you meet today’s regulatory, legal, and corporate requirements quickly and accurately.


    Mimecast Simply Migrate

    Mimecast Simply Migrate reduces the time, cost, and complexity of shifting away from outdated archive systems by dramatically streamlining and accelerating the transfer of legacy data to Mimecast Cloud Archive. Mimecast manages archives in specific geographic regions to ensure that they are tamper-resistant and delivers simplified compliance, accelerated e-discovery, and flexible retention management.


    Archive for Microsoft Teams

    Mimecast Archive for Microsoft Teams is a single, fully integrated solution that enables organizations to protect, discover, investigate, and recover data from internal and external threats that target cloud messaging and collaboration platforms.

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