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    Reduce Risk. Reduce Complexity. Reduce Cost.

    When it comes to building a pervasive email security strategy, risk mitigation is a primary objective, but you don’t have the luxury of it being your only one. Disruption can impact you on many fronts, from data loss to brand damage to a total business shutdown. And while it would be nice to put all employees and systems in an impenetrable box, that probably wouldn’t be the best way to achieve organizational goals.

    A Best in Class Suite of Cloud-based Security, Training, and Compliance Solutions

    Mimecast’s solutions help you protect your employees, intellectual property, customer data, and brand reputation with pervasive email security by mitigating risk and reducing the cost and complexity for your organization. Whether you need a point solution that can fit easily into your larger security eco-system or a fully integrated suite of solutions, Mimecast offers the expertise and flexibility to meet your needs today while serving as a long-term partner for the future. Our security suite includes:

    • Protection at your Perimeter: Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection, providing protection against advanced attack types, including phishing, spear-phishing, malware and file-less attachment-based threats, impersonation, business email compromise, and cyber threats that try to penetrate your perimeter.

    • Inside your Organization: Compromised, careless, or even malicious insiders can cause great damage by sending threats or misusing information internally. But, Internal Email Protect gives you the ability to employ the same robust stack of Mimecast email security technology from the perimeter to interrogate internal traffic. Furthermore, employees are susceptible to opening attachments, clicking links, or falling for scams. Awareness Training helps train employees to create a culture of security. 

    • Beyond your Perimeter: Brand is everything and if customers lose trust in your brand, you lose customers. With all the security tools enterprises have in place, attackers have moved beyond the perimeter, impersonating domains and brands to steal customer data and cause considerable damage. Mimecast DMARC Analyzer and Brand Exploit Protect help combat this by protecting both domains you own and against those you don’t to defend against brand abuse.

    • APIs: Given the frequency and sophistication of threats, organizations rely on a complex set of tools to defend their people, data, and reputation. Mimecast was designed to help. Our purpose-built, cloud-native platform provides an extensible architecture to let you quickly integrate your existing investments with Mimecast, reducing complexity, lowering risk, and optimizing investments. While Mimecast offers Threat Intelligence to help you better understand and adjust to the changing threat landscape, APIs also inform your other security systems when Mimecast sees a threat. 

    <p><span>A Best in Class Suite of Cloud-based Security, Training, and Compliance Solutions</span></p>

    The Suite:

    Looking for the full suite? Mimecast helps protect your data, easily restore data, and quickly manage e-discovery and compliance cases with Mimecast Archiving. A leader according to top analysts, Mimecast archiving helps customers meet GDPR, FINRA, SEC17-a4, and other regulations. 

    Beyond traditional email security, enterprises use Mimecast for Web Security to block malicious web activity, Large File Send  and Secure Messaging to reduce Shadow IT, while empowering users to securely send messages and documents, and Continuity to keep email up and running in the event of a planned or unplanned email outage.  

    It’s the Technology

    At Mimecast, we know all security vendors can sound alike. We also understand the importance of candor, value relationships above all else, and believe exceeding customer expectations is a principle to live by. We’ll never try to be all things to all people. At the same time, our passion and pride about our mission and technology couldn’t be greater. Here are a few things we love about our solutions that we think you’ll love too. We are…

    • Cloud first – While others are re-engineering their solutions for cloud, ours were born there. Mimecast’s multi-tenant cloud infrastructure provides visibility, scalability, adaptability, and cost savings that single-tenant environments cannot. It’s in our DNA.

    • Architected for simplicity – Mimecast’s solutions are built to “just work”. Upgrades are automatic and universal, and there are no-premises solutions to manage.

    • Easy to integrateAPIs make integrations into your existing security reference architecture and IT eco-system simple and straight forward.

    • Best in class, but also affordable – Our multi-tenant infrastructure allows us to deliver high performance with an affordable and predictable total cost of ownership.

    • Sustainable – We offer the flexibility, adaptability, and commitment to innovation needed to ensure you have a platform not just for today but for whatever lies ahead.

    <p>It&rsquo;s the Technology</p>

    And The People

    When it comes to choosing cyber security partners, good technology and the right solutions are obviously essential. But at a time when change happens quickly and the future is hard to predict, partnerships, trust, and experience are what make the difference over the long term.

    While we’re proud of how our organization has grown, we’re equally as proud that we’ve never lost the passion and enthusiasm that our smaller company selves had for making every customer successful. Our investments in technology and people reflect that…

    • 110% renewal rates year over year
    • 25% of staff devoted to customer success
    • All support staffed trained and employed by Mimecast
    • Flexible support plans for companies of every size and need
    • Consistently positive Net Promoter Scores (NPS)
    <p><span>And The People</span></p>

    Expert Insight.

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