Overzicht van de publieke sector: Onderwijsinstellingen

Mimecast is the cloud platform that enables educational institutions to secure student records and valuable IP against the evolving cyberthreat landscape.

Whether it’s a K-12 school, college or university, educational institutions place high value on academic excellence, student education, driving innovative research and protecting the welfare of their students, faculty and staff.

Remote learning has grown tremendously— out of necessity given the Covid-19 pandemic—forcing educational institutions to adopt better teaching, learning and online services. Many K-12 schools are implementing one-to-one device programs in which tablets or laptops are purchased and provided to students to enhance their learning experience. In higher ed, students bring their own devices and leverage the open, accessible nature of the campus network. In both of these dynamics, schools struggle to strike a balance between securing their environments while providing a transparent, accessible learning atmosphere.

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