Mimecast listed as highest market share growth archiving vendor in new leading analyst firm report

    Mimecast®, an enterprise email management company offering SaaS-based email security, continuity, policy control and archiving, today announced that the company has achieved an 80% year-over-year growth rate, as noted by the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company, Gartner Inc., in its latest report titled “Market Trends: E-Mail Archiving Strong Growth Continues,” published October 6, 2010, authored by Alan Dayley and Sheila Childs. The report examines performance between 2008 and 2009 and shows that growth in email archiving slowed from 25.7% in 2008 to 13.2% in 2009.  At 80%, Mimecast’s growth outpaces that of its nearest competitors in North America. 

    This finding follows Gartner’s recent report, “Market Trends: Archiving Software Experiences Strong Growth as Customers Archive More Than Just E-Mail,” published also published by Alan Dayley and Sheila Childs on September 27, 2010 which found that “archiving is the fastest-growing segment of storage management software, projected to grow 22.2% through 2014.” The report also found that “email archiving, the largest archiving revenue segment, is forecasted to be the second-fastest-growing subsegment, with a 23.0% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), and will continue to be driven by compliance and e-discovery.” Further, the report found that “cloud-based archiving solutions are gaining traction and account for 25.3% of the overall archiving software market revenue.” These forecasts represent a significant opportunity for Mimecast’s continued growth. 

    Mimecast provides a cost effective and easy to use Software-as-a-Service solution that works seamlessly with an organization’s existing email server to deliver a ready-to-use, centrally managed archiving solution, enhancing user productivity and enabling organizations to meet legislative and regulatory compliance needs. Mimecast integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange systems, is easy to scale and enables quick search and retrieval of information.
    “We’re thrilled to announce what we believe to be our outstanding growth within the archiving space and look forward to continuing this success for years to come,” said Mary Kay Roberto, Mimecast’s SVP and General Manager. “Mimecast aims to solve organizations’ increasing compliance and e-discovery requirements with cost effective and end user-friendly solutions and we’re very pleased to have gained recognition from the industry for this achievement.


    About Mimecast

    Mimecast delivers cloud-based email management for Microsoft Exchange, including archiving, continuity and security.  By unifying disparate and fragmented email environments into one holistic solution that is always available from the cloud, Mimecast minimizes risk and reduces cost and complexity, while providing total end-to-end control of email. Founded in the United Kingdom in 2003, Mimecast serves approximately 4,000 customers worldwide and has offices in Europe, North America, Africa and the Channel Islands

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