Mimecast joins coalition for cybersecurity policy, bringing deep email security and cyber resilience expertise

    Washington, DC – Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit – Mimecast Limited (NASDAQ: MIME), a leading email and data security company, announced today that it has joined the Coalition for Cybersecurity Policy and Law, bringing the company’s deep email security and cyber resilience expertise to help advance the Coalition’s efforts.

    Launched in February 2016, the Coalition has led a call-to-arms for fighting against an increasingly pervasive cyberattack landscape. Other members of the Coalition include Arbor Networks, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Rapid7 and Symantec, and those members have also hailed the growing need for the Coalition and its experience in delivering cybersecurity solutions for private and public sector customers, so that innovation and awareness can be extended to the public policy sphere. 

    “Joining the Coalition is an important calling, not just for Mimecast, but for our industry as a whole,” said Elizabeth Ruhl, director of governance, risk and compliance, Mimecast. “We all saw firsthand during the Apple and FBI dispute this year what can happen when organizations lack a clearly defined and well-informed cybersecurity strategy. As part of the Coalition, Mimecast is looking to lead the way, along with other member companies, on the push for greater education and awareness among public and private organizations for what proper cybersecurity should look like and how to best achieve it.”

    Coalition members are selected for their commitment, expertise, and capability for educating and engaging with policymakers in Congress and other federal agencies on how to best create legislation and regulations that promote the widespread adoption of cybersecurity services and products. 

    With an education and awareness-driven mission, the Coalition aims to create a more robust and vibrant cybersecurity marketplace, while fostering the development and adoption of new cybersecurity innovations on a wider scale. The Coalition’s goal is to promote the need for all organizations to be more aggressive in improving their cybersecurity to protect customers and businesses alike from unauthorized breaches of private and sensitive information.

    “We are delighted that Mimecast has joined the Coalition, and we are looking forward to working together to achieve our mission,” said Ari Schwartz, coordinator of the Coalition and former White House special assistant to the President for cybersecurity. “We are approaching an inflection point in how federal agencies and private businesses think about and address cybersecurity. By bringing industry leaders like Mimecast into the Coalition, we gain the benefit of their expertise and experience in identifying and implementing key security solutions, and we energize our work to advance cybersecurity interest and investment across the nation.”


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    Mimecast (NASDAQ: MIME) makes business email and data safer for 18,000 customers and millions of employees worldwide. Founded in 2003, the company's next-generation cloud-based security, archiving and continuity services protect email and deliver comprehensive email risk management.

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