Au Bon Pain® Swaps Postini for Mimecast Email Services

    Company says Mimecast cloud email solution will avoid $100,000 cost for on-premise replication hardware

    Watertown, MA Mimecast’s cloud email security solution has replaced Google™ Postini in more than 150 corporate-owned Au Bon Pain® Café Bakery locations across the Unites States. Au Bon Pain says it expects to see savings on their current on-premise infrastructure for email in excess of $100,000 in areas including archiving and e-discovery.

    The company believes the move to Mimecast also significantly improved its anti-spam and anti-virus coverage and it has benefited from the addition of new capabilities including automated email archiving, continuity and e-discovery. 

    “We relied on Postini primarily for its anti-spam/anti-virus capabilities. While we initially began looking for just an AS/AV replacement, we ultimately recognized an opportunity to implement a solution that could also deliver archiving and retrieval capabilities,” said Lori Abrams, vice president of Technical Support Services, Au Bon Pain.

    In addition to improvements in security and the cost savings, there have been significant improvements in efficiency for archiving and e-discovery. Before Mimecast, Au Bon Pain archived email onto tapes stored off-site, which was cumbersome and costly. Retrieving email from tape “could take weeks and cost thousands of dollars – as much as $10,000 per request,” according to Abrams. With Mimecast in place, Au Bon Pain benefits from an easy and automated retrieval process which it claims has reduced the time needed for e-discovery from weeks to hours.

    As the relationship continues to expand, Au Bon Pain plans to use the Mimecast cloud-based continuity service. This will help ensure users continue to have access to their email even in the event of an outage or challenge of its own email system. This failover capability is combined with the Mimecast Mobile Access service to give users secure access to their email and archive via a smartphone at all times helping ensure the business and cafes remain fully operational even if they suffer a main email outage.

    “With Mimecast, we will have cloud-based replication of our email system to ensure a seamless failover in the event of an outage,” said Abrams. “If we opted for on-premise replication, we estimate that it would have cost us as much as $100,000. Mimecast has exceeded our expectations in every way.”

    To learn more about Au Bon Pain’s experience with Mimecast, download the case study.


    About Mimecast

    Mimecast ( delivers cloud-based email management for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365, including archiving, continuity and security. By unifying disparate and fragmented email environments into one holistic solution that is always available from the cloud, Mimecast minimizes risk and reduces cost and complexity, while providing total end-to-end control of email. Founded in the United Kingdom in 2003, Mimecast serves more than 8,000 customers and two million users worldwide and has offices in Europe, North America, Africa, Australia and the Channel Islands. 


    About Au Bon Pain

    Founded in 1978, Au Bon Pain (“the place of good bread”) has grown into an internationally recognized leader in the fast casual restaurant category.  The chain’s signature items – sandwiches, breads, pastries, salads, soups, and coffee – are served in welcoming café environments emphasizing quick service and hospitality.  Au Bon Pain offers consumers a wide array of delicious, nutritional foods, and over the last three years has earned Health Magazine’s designation as one of America’s Top 5 Healthiest Restaurant Chains.

    Au Bon Pain operates in six key trade channels including urban office buildings, hospitals, universities, transportation centers, malls and museums, with locations ranging from 300-square-foot satellites to 6,500-square-foot cafés with 100-plus seats.  It currently operates in over 310 locations in the U.S. and internationally.  Additional information about Au Bon Pain, which is headquartered in Boston, may be found at

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