Mimecast en DMARC Analyzer

STOP SPOOFING ATTACKS FASTER WITH SELF-SERVICE EMAIL CHANNEL ANALYSIS AND DMARC REPORTING. Impersonation or spoofing attacks are a significant issue for most organizations, growing at a much faster rate than standard malware attacks as cybercriminals exploit human weaknesses.

Stopping these often malware-less attacks is not straightforward and to be most effective should combine multiple layers of protection. Combining Mimecast defenses with DMARC Analyzer’s reporting and email validation solution can deliver the protection your organization and your brand needs.

Spoofed emails can target your own organization and employees, customers, suppliers and partners. Mimecast delivers comprehensive protection against attacks targeting your organization. Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection – Impersonation Protect analyses and combines multiple indicators of compromise to block spoof emails.

DMARC Analyzer extends this protection by helping to detect and block attackers using your domains to spoof your customers and other external parties, as well as your own employees.

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