Blue Label vertrouwt op Mimecast om gevoelige informatie veilig te houden


Blue Label Telecoms is a South African distributor of prepaid secure electronic tokens (predominantly airtime) and transactional services within emerging and developing economies. Founded in 2001, it has
grown into a major international player, with operations across Africa, India, the Americas and Europe. It is focused on taking products and services to consumers within the middle and bottom segments of the world’s economic pyramid, successfully processing in excess of 300 million monthly transactions through its global footprint of several hundred thousand mobile and physical points of presence.

The company was listed on the JSE in 2007, necessitating the fulfilment of numerous compliance requirements in terms of governance and records retention.

As a global company in the financial industry, it is critical to Blue Label Telecoms to ensure that it protects its reputation, especially in terms of rigorous compliance with all legislation, but also in terms of expectations of professionalism, good corporate governance and business continuity.

Blue Label Telecoms was already running an anti-virus and anti-phishing application but wanted to extend the ‘border control functionality’ in order to deal with security threats before they entered the corporate network, rather than from within the application environment. This led the technology team, under the leadership of Chief Information Officer Dr Angelo Roussos, to Mimecast’s Software-as-a-Service email solution.


Apart from external security threats and inconvenient spam, the company also needed to address internal threats – especially around issues of confidentiality.

“We wanted to extend the security on emails beyond just stopping receiving spam," commented Dr. Roussos. Data leaks represent a serious threat to any business. While most leaks are inadvertent, a study by research firm Forrester estimated that 80% of data leaks are the result of a lack of user awareness of information policies. Mimecast’s Smart Perimeter technology enables superior data leak prevention by giving administrators tools to set policies that can detect confidential or restricted content in email messages and attachments.


“Mimecast’s solutions for data leak prevention offers peace of mind to all levels of management within Blue Label Telecoms," continued Dr. Roussos.

Once these priorities were addressed, the company could look to addressing other messaging concerns, namely records compliance and availability. Fortunately, these two features are inherent in Mimecast’s solution. The ‘bottomless archiving’ keeps messages for ten years, allowing them to be searchable within a fraction of a second via a plug-in to Microsoft Outlook or via a Web interface.


At their head office in Johannesburg, 250 Blue Label Telecoms email users were connected to the Mimecast Unified Email Management (UEM) service. After a successful validation that Mimecast could deliver what it promised, Blue Label Telecoms will now double the number of users in the next few months, and then extend out to other sites.

So far, Blue Label Telecoms is delighted with the results. “Since the integration of Mimecast I can count the number of pieces of spam that have got through the system on one hand, and we have had no viruses, which is remarkable," said Dr Roussos.

He is particularly pleased that the implementation of Mimecast UEM provided the services the business needed, but required no additional skilled resources or hardware.

[2021/01] Blue Label Telecoms
Sector: telecommunications

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