The Mimecast X1 Platform

    Protection, insights, and scale


    Your security X-factor

    Mimecast X1 is the foundation of the Mimecast Product Suite. Powering fully integrated services that deliver industry-leading protection for communications, people, and data, it makes information actionable and provides the reliability, resilience, and scale that the modern threat landscape demands.

    X1 Precision Detection

    X1 Precision Detection

    Mimecast X1 Precision Detection provides the industry’s most advanced defense for the top attack vector – email. By applying the right detection capabilities at the right time, X1 Precision Detection surrounds your communications with continuous protections, letting end users work protected — not interrupted.

    • AI and ML models trained on billions of emails
    • Social graphing to detect highly evasive attacks
    • Static and dynamic content analysis to immediately block threats
    X1 Service Fabric

    X1 Service Fabric

    The Mimecast X1 Service Fabric is the cloud-native infrastructure that powers the Mimecast Product Suite. Delivering unparalleled reliability, resilience, and scale, it drives rapid innovation, while also supporting global policy standardization and providing visibility into the identity and activity of users on the Mimecast platform.

    • Secure multi-tenancy, scalability, and resilience
    • High performance at a predictable, affordable cost
    • Foundation for rapid innovation and continuous optimization
    X1 Data Analytics

    X1 Data Analytics

    X1 Data Analytics provides a platform for ingesting, correlating, and querying the mass volumes of data that Mimecast generates from protecting every organization’s most vulnerable point – the intersection of communications, people and data. Providing the foundation for a wide array of services and capabilities – from training ML models and accelerating product innovation – X1 Data Analytics is built with one primary goal in mind: making information actionable.

    • Data ingestion at scale
    • Near real-time data connection
    • Powerful aggregation and query capabilities

    Mimecast Extensible Security Hooks (MESH)

    Mimecast Extensible Security Hooks (MESH) provide an API gateway that enables third-party
    integrations of all kinds, delivering full extensibility and allowing threat data, policies, and practices
    to be applied or shared programmatically with other security and data solutions.

    Endpoint security

    Contain multi-vector attacks with integrated threat sharing across email and endpoint.


    External sandbox

    Optimized detection and prevention of zero-day exploits and malware, through external inspection services.


    SIEM and SOAR

    Increase protection, reduce resource utilization, and enhance analysis and knowledge of threats.


    Cloud access
    security broker

    Threat protection for email, cloud applications, and web services with omnichannel data leak prevention.


    IT Service

    Streamline day to day email-based tasks and improve end user experience through ticket closure rate.


    Identity and access management

    Leverage fine-grained adaptive security measures for containing and remediating attacks.

    Protect your communications, people, and data


    Email Security & Resilience


    Security Awareness & User Behavior


    Data Retention & Compliance

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