Zero day attack

What is a Zero Day Attack?

Stopping a zero day attack requires multi-layered email protection.

A zero day attack represents a severe threat to data security. A zero day attack is a kind of advanced persistent threat that exploits a vulnerability within a piece of software, using this weakness to access a corporate network in the hours or days after the threat becomes known but before it can be fixed or patched.

Email security is paramount to protecting an organization against a zero day threat, as attacks are often initiated through a malicious link or weaponized attachment. Preventing a zero day attack requires multiple layers of protection to defend against malware, viruses and spam as well as targeted attacks such as phishing, spear-phishing or a whaling attack.

Preventing a zero day attack with Mimecast.

Mimecast offers effective protection against a zero day attack with comprehensive email security services that use sophisticated, multi-layered detection engines and intelligence to stop threats before they reach the network.

With Mimecast, email and data security protection is always on with continual updates on the latest intelligence and zero day attack reports.

Mimecast email security is easy to manage too, eliminating the cost and complexity usually associated with email security solutions. Administrators can manage flexible and granular policies from a single web-based console and apply policies globally in real-time to ensure compliance and improve security.

Mimecast solutions for defending against a zero day attack.

Mimecast Secure Email Gateway helps to prevent a zero day attack by providing 100% anti-malware and 99% anti-spam protection. Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection adds additional protection with specific tools for identifying and thwarting a targeted attack.

  • Impersonation Protect scans the headers, domain information and body text of all incoming messages to search for signs of social-engineering commonly used in spear-phishing and whale phishing attacks.
  • URL Protect scans the URLs in all incoming email and blocks any links deemed to be suspicious. URL Protect also scans links in archived email to prevent the possibility of a delayed attack.
  • Attachment Protect defends against weaponized attachments by sandboxing attachments, scanning them for malicious code, and not allowing employees to open them until deemed safe.

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