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Mimecast provides cloud security services for combating whaling email scams and for protecting organizations against advanced email-borne threats.

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Prevent a whaling email attack with Mimecast

With whaling email attacks on the rise, your organization needs solutions that can provide strong and automated protection against these devastating threats.

A whaling cyber attack is a form of impersonation attack where hackers send a message that appears to be from a chief executive officer, the chief financial officer or another C-suite executive. These whaling email messages will typically ask recipients to make wire transfers to vendors who turn out to be fraudulent, or to reveal sensitive business information or employee data that hackers can use to steal identities, gain access to business systems or initiate an email data breach.

While making your employees aware of the techniques used in a whaling email attack can help to stop some threats, only an automated email security solution can provide comprehensive cyber protection. That's exactly what you can achieve with Mimecast.

<p>Prevent a whaling email attack with Mimecast</p>

Mimecast solutions for stopping a whaling email scam

Mimecast provides cloud security services for combating whaling email scams and protecting your organization against a wide range of other threats. Mimecast's all-in-one, subscription service also provides tools for email archiving, continuity, backup and recovery, e-Discovery and compliance, enabling your IT administrators to conduct comprehensive business email management from a single pane of glass using a web-based interface.

To stop a whaling email attempt, Mimecast scans all inbound email for key indicators that suggest a message may be suspicious. These include:

  • The email's display name and domain name – Mimecast looks for domain similarity and examines the recency of domains to identify digital domain spoofing.
  • The email's reply-to information – whaling email attacks often use a different reply address than the address of the purported sender.
  • The email's content – Mimecast looks for certain words and phrases like "wire transfer", "bank transfer" or "W-2" that are often part of a whaling email.

When an email is deemed suspicious, Mimecast can block, quarantine or tag the message to ensure employees are not tricked into making fraudulent wire transfers or sharing sensitive data.

<p>Mimecast solutions for stopping a whaling email scam</p>

Benefits of mitigating whaling email campaigns with Mimecast

With Mimecast technology for combating whaling email attacks, you can:

  • Get real-time protection against malware-less social engineering attacks like whaling email scams, CEO fraud, business email compromise or W-2 fraud.
  • Benefit from up-to-the-minute threat intelligence developed by the Mimecast Security Operations Center.
  • Enjoy complete administrative control over handling of messages that may be whaling email attacks.
  • Integrate scans for whaling email attacks with technology to prevent a broad range of other threats, including spear-phishing attacks, ransomware, viruses, malware and other impersonation attacks, and with Mimecast's information protection solutions.

Learn more about combating whaling email attacks with Mimecast.

<p>Benefits of mitigating whaling email campaigns with Mimecast</p>

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