Improve your web security to prevent malicious cyber attacks and reduce costs with Mimecast Web Security.

    The challenge of web security

    Web security must be a critical priority for every organization. Along with email, the web is one of the top vectors for cyberattacks. The web and the use of DNS services specifically are part of 91% of all malware attacks, and email and web together are a key part for 99% of successful breaches.

    While the importance of web security is undisputed, protecting against web security threats grows more challenging each day. From thwarting attacks to dealing with limits in skills and resources, IT security departments face serious challenges when trying to secure the web.

    In the past, security teams have deployed a collection of on-premises solutions to manage email and web security. But increasingly organizations are turning to comprehensive email and web security solutions – via integrated, cloud-based technologies that simplify the task and reduce the cost of reducing risk. And because attackers often leverage email and web channels together, a seamless and scalable strategy for protecting both is essential.

    The challenge of web security

    Improve web security with Mimecast

    Mimecast provides comprehensive, cloud-based security and compliance solutions that reduce the cost and complexity of email and web security. Mimecast Web Security adds monitoring and security at the DNS layer to protect against malicious web activity initiated by user action or by malware. Based on customer configured policies and Mimecast threat intelligence capabilities, Mimecast also ensures compliance with acceptable use policiesby blocking users from accessing out of scope- websites. Mimecast Web Security is closely integrated with Mimecast email security services, enabling organizations to protect the top two vectors for cyberattacks in a single, easy-to-manage solution.

    Mimecast Web Security enables you to:

    • Stop users from visiting sites that malicious or are part of phishing attacks.
    • Control the categories of websites that employees can visit.
    • Prevent compromised devices from communicating with attackers via the web.
    • Protect data from exfiltration via the web.
    • Protect the organization and employees without sacrificing productivity.
    • Improve understanding of how employees are using the web for work.
    Improve web security with Mimecast

    How Mimecast Web Security works

    Mimecast Web Security offers a simple and efficient way to protect users and the organization. When a user makes a request in a browser for a web-based resource by clicking a link or typing an address, Mimecast immediately inspects the request to determine whether the site is safe. The resources are also evaluated against the organization's acceptable use controls and any bypass exceptions, and if the resource is unsafe or unacceptable, access is blocked and the user is notified. Mimecast immediately allows access to safe or acceptable web resources.

    How Mimecast Web Security works

    Why choose Mimecast Web Security?

    Mimecast Web Security provides world-class web security services that defend against cyberattacks on two vectors – email and web – to increase efficiency and simplicity for end-users and administrators. Mimecast Web Security also provides:

    1. Fast implementation and lower TCO – Existing Mimecast customers can add web security in less than 60 minutes at a lowercost than most other options.
    2. Efficient protection – Mimecast blocks access to malicious sites without slowing response times, ensuring that users stay safe and productive.
    3. Easy administration – Mimecast delivers a single, cloud-based console for email and web security that provides easy-to-use management tools and a unified view of the threat landscape.
    4. Advanced cyber threat intelligence – Mimecast's multi-tenant cloud infrastructure provides visibility across tens of thousands of customers globally, enabling a clear view of emerging threats by the Mimecast Threat Center staff.
    5. Consistent security – Mimecast Web Security allows organizations to apply web security policies consistently across both web and email usage.
    6. Robust reporting – built-in reports provide insight into cyber threats, employee actions and Mimecast defenses.
    7. Scalable solutions – with a 100% cloud-based solution, IT teams no longer need to manage software and hardware to achieve world-class web security.
    Why choose Mimecast Web Security?

    FAQs: What is web security? …and answers to other questions

    What is web security?

    In general, web security refers to the protective measures and protocols that organizations adopt to protect the organization from, cyber criminals and threats that use the web channel. Web security is critical to business continuity and to protecting data, users and companies from risk.

    What is Mimecast web security?

    Mimecast Web security is a cloud-based solution that protects against malicious web activity that is initiated by user action or malware, and that blocks users from accessing inappropriate or malicious websites based on advanced threat intelligence and customer-configured policies.

    What is a web security gateway?

    A web security gateway protects organizations against online threats by monitoring and filtering Internet traffic in real time and blocking traffic deemed to be suspicious, malicious, or outside of policy. Mimecast Web Security functions as a web security gateway, enabling access to benign websites and blocking access to inappropriate sites.

    What are web security threats?

    Web security threats are vulnerabilities within websites and applications, or attacks launched by malicious actors. Web security threats are designed to breach an organizations security defenses, enabling hackers and cyber criminals to control systems, access data and steal valuable resources. Common web security threats include malware, ransomware, cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, phishing, denial of service and many others.

    FAQs: What is web security? …and answers to other questions

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