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    Get a superior web security gateway service with Mimecast Web Security, a simple and cost-effective cloud service for organizations of any size.

    Organizations need a superior web security gateway service

    When it comes to cybersecurity, the web continues to be a dangerous place. More than 90% of successful malware incidents today use the web and DNS specifically to breach defenses and launch attacks. With one of every 13 web requests leading to some form of malware, it's imperative that organizations deploy a web security gateway.

    Few organizations, however, implement adequate protections and many organizations aren't monitoring their DNS layers at all. For some, the DNS security solutions are too expensive and complex, while others are saddled with a collection of disjointed security solutions that are resource-intensive and hard to manage. And few legacy or on-premises systems can adapt quickly enough to respond to web security threats emerging from a rapidly evolving security landscape.

    Mimecast offers a solution: an easy-to-use, cloud-based web security gateway service that reduces the cost and complexity of securing the DNS layer while providing comprehensive protection to keep the web safe.

    <p>Organizations need a superior web security gateway service</p>

    Mimecast: Providing an integrated email and web security gateway service

    Mimecast Web Security is a simple and cost-effective cloud service that organizations can quickly deploy as a web security gateway. Mimecast provides security and monitoring at the DNS layer, protecting the organization from malware and domain spoofing by blocking access to unsafe websites based on information from Mimecast threat intelligence and by enforcing an organization's own acceptable web use policies.

    Mimecast web security services are seamlessly integrated with Mimecast email security solutions, delivering an integrated email and web security gateway service that defends against the top two vectors for cyberattacks – email and the web – which together account for 99% of malware deployments.

    With Mimecast's web security gateway service, organizations can:

    • Prevent users from landing on sites that contain malware and other threats.
    • Prevent users from downloading files that contain malware.
    • Monitor and control the types of websites users are permitted to visit.
    • Stop devices that have been infected with malware from communicating with the hackers who planted it.
    • Protect data from exfiltration attacks.
    • Analyze web usage trends and monitor employee use of the Internet for business purposes.
    <p>Mimecast: Providing an integrated email and web security gateway service</p>

    How Mimecast's web security gateway service protects organizations

    Mimecast's web security gateway service protects users and organizations from attacks by inspecting every web request, including clicked links and web addresses entered by users. Every URL is filtered through Mimecast threat intelligence and security analytics and the organization's acceptable use controls to determine whether the address is safe or unsafe. Mimecast blocks access to unsafe web resources and notifies users via a block page. Mimecast permits users to access safe web resources immediately, without any delay in response time.

    All activity is logged, providing system administrators with access logs and associated reports that can be used to monitor web usage and to identify websites containing malware.

    Why choose a web security gateway service from Mimecast?

    1. Protection anytime and anywhere. Mimecast's web security gateway service protects users both on and off the organization's network, and delivers minimal latency, high performance and best-in-class protection no matter where users are located.
    2. An integrated solution. Mimecast offers an integrated, cloud-based solution that protects the top two cyberattack vectors, email and the web.
    3. Fast deployment. With Mimecast, organizations can implement a web security gateway service in less than 60 minutes.
    4. Cost-effective protection. Mimecast's web security gateway service can be deployed at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.
    5. Simplified administration. Managed from a single, cloud-based console, the Mimecast web security gateway service enables IT administrators to consistently apply security policies throughout the organization, and to simplify administration by automatically applying policy configurations, directory synchronization, user accounts, roles and permissions, branding and audit reporting to email and web security.
    <p>How Mimecast's web security gateway service protects organizations</p>

    FAQs: what is a web security gateway?

    What is web security?

    Web security is the collection of defenses that an organization uses to protect itself, its users and its information assets against attacks that are directed at or conducted through the web. Web security may include software and hardware solutions to defend against specific threats as well as best practices, protocols and other protective measures.

    Why is web security important?

    Along with email the web is one of the top vectors for cyberattacks. More than 99% of malware attacks use email, the web or both to successfully breach an organization's defenses. Defending websites and web applications against attack is critical to enabling business continuity and to protecting the organization from data theft and financial loss.

    What is a web security gateway?

    A web security gateway, also known as a secure web gateway, is a device, cloud service, or application that is deployed at the boundaries of a network to monitor and stop malicious traffic from entering the organization, and to block users from accessing malicious or suspicious web resources. Standard features of a web security gateway may include URL filtering, virus and malware code detection, data leak prevention, CASB, and other application level control.

    <p>FAQs: what is a web security gateway?</p>

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