Virus ransomware

The threat of virus ransomware.


The threat of virus ransomware.

Virus ransomware is a new and quickly growing threat to corporate security. In a ransomware attack, hackers breach an organization's network and hold it hostage by blocking access to systems, requiring organizations to pay ransom to regain access.

As virus ransomware attacks frequently begin through email phishing scams and similar threats, finding ways to stop these threats and block malicious URLs and weaponized attachments must be a high priority for IT departments.

Stop virus ransomware with Mimecast.

Mimecast provides comprehensive email security services, including tools to stop virus ransomware as part of an all-in-one subscription service for email security, archiving and continuity.

Mimecast's email security services eliminate the need to deploy a variety of point solutions to prevent spear phishing, virus ransomware, CFO fraud and other threats. Mimecast provides protection from these advanced threats as well as the threats of malware, spam, data leaks and more. Mimecast employs a secure email gateway, sophisticated detection engines and constantly updated threat intelligence to mitigate known and emerging threats before they reach the corporate network.


Mimecast solutions for mitigating virus ransomware.

To protect against virus ransomware, Mimecast Targeted Threat Protection provides three levels of defense that neutralize the most common methods used by attackers:

  • URL Protect prevents users from clicking on malicious links in email until the target URL has been determined to be safe. Mimecast scans links in live email as well as archived messages to prevent delayed attacks.
  • Attachment Protect provides defenses against virus ransomware by protecting employees from attachments that contain malware. Mimecast can preemptively sandbox attachments while checking for malware, or transcribe attachments to a safe format before sending them on to users in order to provide faster access to documents.
  • Impersonation Protect helps to stop phishing emails and other threats that use social engineering techniques to dupe users into revealing sensitive information or wiring money to fraudulent accounts. This Mimecast service provides virus ransomware and phishing protection by scanning all email for signs of fraud and then, based on administrator-defined policies, blocking or quarantining the message or sending it on to the intending recipient with a warning that it may be suspicious.

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