Secure Email Messaging

Secure email messaging requires innovative solutions.

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Secure email messaging requires innovative solutions.

When you need a more effective way to communicate confidential information, Mimecast's secure email messaging technology provides a user-friendly, cloud-based secure channel for sending and receiving sensitive information via email.

Standard email communication simply isn't secure enough to protect this confidential data like financial results, information about mergers and acquisitions, private healthcare information, or intellectual property. Traditional secure email solutions like Public Key Infrastructure or enforced server-to-server Transport Layer Security (TLS) involve too much administrative burden or prohibitive client installation requirements.

Mimecast Secure Messaging provides a simple and secure email service that reduces the risk of data leaks and supports compliance with data privacy and protection regulations. With Mimecast's secure email messaging technology, users can easily send secure messages and attachments directly from their mailbox applications. Data never leaves the secure Mimecast cloud, enabling secure messages to be sent even when TLS encryption is not an option.

How secure email messaging works.

Secure email messaging with Mimecast provides an easy way to sending secure emails sensitive information. When users want to send a secure email, they can simply click on the Mimecast tab within their mailbox and select Send Secure. After selecting options such as a read receipt or an expiration on the message, the user clicks Send as usual to transmit the email. Alternately, secure email messaging may be triggered by an administrator-defined gateway policy.

Email and attachments are then securely uploaded to a secure cloud, where Mimecast's secure email services scan each message for malware and check it against data leak prevention and content control policies before storing it in a secure AES-encrypted archive.

The email recipient(s) then receive notification to log on to your organization's secure email messaging portal, where they can read and reply to secure messages or compose a new message to your company.

Benefits of Mimecast's secure email messaging.

With secure email messaging and secure file sending technology from Mimecast, you can:

  • Securely send and receive messages without requiring knowledge or management of certificates or encryption keys, and without needing recipients to install special software.
  • Set granular message controls, with sender or policy-driven options to require a read receipt, rapidly revoke message access, enforce message expiration dates, and prevent Reply, Reply All and printing.
  • Support content governance and compliance by subjecting all messages to scans for viruses and for adherence to Data Leak Prevention and compliance policies.

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